Friday, January 4, 2008

2007's top ten

2007 was amazing. We had such a great time. I think it was our best year yet, which is really saying a lot because we've had some unbelievable few years. Here are our top ten from 2007, but not in any particular order.

1. laying sod--Jayson says this was his best day of the whole year. It was totally amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is to look out my window everyday and see GREEN.
2. Toronto--visiting jayson's converts, seeing the city, hanging out with jeremy and boyd, eating, eating, eating. it was such a fun week and the perfect vacation.
3. Livingstone family reunion--we had such a ball. I love my family. I love spending time together. We had a wonderful time being together before my parents left. We miss them. Have you seen their blog recently? Amazing stuff.
4. NYC/Philly--What could be better than the big apple with my sister? And then Thanksgiving with the best cooks and the sites in Philly? NOTHING. This was one of my favorite things this year, and probably this decade.
5. losing 25 pounds--I joined weight watchers and have lost about 23 pounds. I'm not at my goal yet, but I will be this year. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I've also loved seeing family and friends work together to lose weight too. Collectively we've lost over 100 pounds. Isn't that amazing?
6. starting my blog--This was probably one of the most important things I've done this year. It seems silly, but blogging has really helped me in many ways. Thank you for supporting me!
7. watching Mae grow--I love my little girl. I don't believe there is a cuter thing on this planet. She is growing up so fast. She is walking quite a bit now. I've taken some video and tried to post it, but I've been having some issues. I'll keep trying.
8. girls camp/helamans camp--working in YW/YM has been such a blessing for us, and also something that has really stretched us. It has required that we make some time sacrifices together and apart. This summer I spent 5 days at Girls Camp and Jayson spent 3 days at Helaman's camp. It was a time of spiritual rejuvenation.
9. Surprising the Edwards at Christmas--I still haven't posted pictures of this, but I will soon. Jayson and I decided last minute to show up on the Edwards doorstep on Christmas Eve. It was so sweet to be there and enjoy a few days with them. They spoiled me rotter and took me to my favorite bookstore Powells, my absolute FAVORITE Thai food place E-Sans, and an all-day excursion to a new place. You'll have to read my blog soon to find out about it!
10. Tyler and Jessi's wedding--Something about weddings just makes you appreciate your own. We had a great time with everyone and I saw once again how talented, kind, handsome, and amazing my husband is. We are so blessed to be together and to have such a good life.

We hope your 2007 was wonderful, and that 2008 is even better. We love you all.


austinamasandra said...

Thank you for posting that, I love to read what my friends favourite thing was during the past year.

janae said...

What a fun idea for a post! I love it!! You are especially genius for linking each number to its original post. So smart!

SharTrevHarp said...

fun reading through your top 10!

Kris and Kally said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful year! And have I told you lately that you're a great blogger!!!