Friday, January 30, 2009

senior couples

do you know of someone who is ready to go on a mission?

who perhaps speaks a little french? or is willing to learn some?

who's looking for an adventure? and who is ready for an experience of a lifetime?

they are desperately needed in The Congo.

it may sound scary, but all returning missionaries from the Congo say it is the absolute best mission. even missionaries who've served in switzerland and jerusalem.

Monday, January 26, 2009

hands down, the best day this month

i hate to brag, but guess who i saw today....

my adorable brother, elder livingstone at the airport on his way to chile. can you tell how absolutely excited we both were?

we didn't tell him we were coming...because he's been so amazingly obedient and didn't want him to break any rules. they asked us to say goodbye at the mtc, which we did. we had no intention of going to the airport. but tyler and nancy were in town...we really wanted to see him and we had 2 pounds of leftover ribs that we really wanted to give him. SO WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO, HONESTLY?

it was perfect though. we helped him check in his bags, met his companion, talked for just a few minutes and then sent him on his way. it was short, but just enough time to catch his fire. he's glowing. i've never seen him so full of love, excitement, and The Spirit. he is totally ready. i've talked to his teacher a few times, and to someone in his branch presidency and they can't say enough great things about him. his teacher said he understands and speaks spanish the best of anyone in his district, and his branch president says they have the most obedient and hard working district in the mtc.

i'm so glad we went. when i was in the mtc, my mom was a volunteer there. the week before i left, my entire family snuck into the mtc to pick her up. they were hiding in the bushes and all came running when i came out. i knew i wasn't supposed to do it, but seeing them really helped remind me how supportive my family was and gave me some extra strength during my mission. i hope we did the same thing for drew. it seems like we did. he's 100 percent focused and committed to the mission. i hope he knows how much love we're sending his way. i can't wait to hear his stories from chile.

i love him. what a great day.

Monday, January 5, 2009


i've been on a blogging hiatus. and i hope you haven't worried about me, since my last post was about consuming an entire bag of [semisweet] chocolate chips. but i'm here. and i've kicked my chocolate habit, all in the name of healthier me in 2009.

my december was marvelous. my goal was to be done with all of my shopping, wrapping, christmas cards, etc by december 10th. i was close...i think i was officially wrapped, sealed, and shipped by the 12th. i really wanted to enjoy the holiday season, and since i'm a procrastinator by nature i knew i had to give myself a deadline.

since i was done, i was open to do a lot of other things that i might not have otherwise. i spent an afternoon working with a sister in my ward who does sub-for-santa for over 90 kids. wow, i don't know how she keeps track of it all. her house is completely monopolized for the month of december. it was a really sweet experience for me. i've always participated in some way or another with sub-for-santa. but i grew up always in neighborhoods that didn't want for much. the gifts we gave always went blocks and blocks away to people i didn't know. as i sat and worked with these lists of gifts for these different children, i couldn't believe how many of my dear friends were on the list. i couldn't believe they were struggling, because they're some of the most honest, hard working, and optimistic people i know. i love my neighborhood. i love the people here--they're some of the most genuine people i've ever met. i've been here for three years, and each year i feel more privilaged to call them my friends and neighbors.

j, mae, and i spent the holidays with j's family. it was fantastic. i bonded with each member of the family. i feel so much more connected to them, i feel so much more love for them, and i have so much more respect for them. i don't have any pictures of things we did, because mostly we just spent time together. and that meant more to me than a trip to the beach or to powells.

and now i'm back in town, but only for a few days. i leave wednesday to philly to be with my sister. she's being induced on thursday, and since my mom and dad are bringing the house down in africa, i want to be there to help. i'll be gone for a week, and will leave my 2 favorites here. i'll miss them fiercly.

but it's ok, because anything i can do to make january go by faster, i'll do. i'm trying to have a good attitude about it, but this is really how i feel about it.

i hate it (the cold, the dark, the wet, the snow, the short days, the not leaving my house for fear i'll die on the road, the dirty car, etc). i'm not sure the california is out of me yet, because winter just ain't my thang.

i can't say it was exactly mae's thang either, but she sure had a blast sledding with (mae's words) "her favorite."

she actually refused to sled with anyone else besides stella. they flew down those hills, laughing all the way. we wish nyc wasn't so far away, because these two are besties.

and tonight, j, mae, and i all cuddled under a blanket and enjoyed charlottes web together. i cried, and mae wipped my tears. sometimes i think she's the sweetest and kindest thing i've ever met.

2009 might be the best year yet.