Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas card


Life continues to pick up speed. The family is keeping him busier and happier than he ever thought possible. Best part of his day is coming through the door after work to the various forms of ‘dad’ that the two girls can muster. Feels very fortunate to have weathered the economic downturn while managing to still see steady growth with the business. The new J Dawgs space has been a blessing and is working out brilliantly. While catering, met incredible people including: M. Russell Ballard, Robert D. Hales, Steve Young, and Jim McMahon (who is even cooler than he seems). Jayson still enjoys his outlets of medium-format photography, tinkering with the never-ending ’53 Chevrolet truck project, and reading great historical books.


Stretched her lazy bone and finished a sprint triathlon in May, and a riotous 188 mile relay race with eleven of her siblings and friends in September. She didn’t finish last--and that was all she really cared about. Found her groove with two kids and therefore decided to spice things up and add a third child. Her favorite week this year was our family vacation in June. Her least favorite week was trying to get ready to sell our house. Thankfully or unthankfully, it didn’t sell so we’re staying put for at least a few more months.


Started preschool on a great little farm with sheep, pigs, goats, llamas, and kangaroos. Played soccer this year and ran around the ball a lot, but also managed to score a couple goals. Took swim lessons and made incredible progress in only a few lessons. We think she has a career in cosmetology since she cut her own hair twice this year. She is incredible kind, sometimes a touch bossy, very tall, incredibly smart, and most of all an amazing daughter and a very loving older sister.


Grew up very fast and celebrated her first birthday in October. Is now walking everywhere, with a spring in her step. Is shaping up to be a daddy’s girl and will yell for and run to Jayson whenever he is near--including church where Jayson sits on the stand and she sits in the congregation (much to the amusement of those around us). She is a dog lover, has a hearty giggle, and thinks she is the comedian in the family.

we hope this holiday season finds you happy and healthy. we are deeply grateful for our associations and friendship with you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

baby #3

we had our ob appointment on wednesday. because my doctor rocks and because the nurses take extraordinary care of me they took a little look-sie at my baby. i was only 14 weeks, but they thought they'd see what they could see anyway (most doctors/clinics say you must be at least 16 weeks).

this little sweetie was not shy or difficult. it was quite easy to see that it's a ...

(no immodesties are shown in this pic. like you want to see that!)

boy! a BOY! a Boy! a boy! a BOY!

the genetic trend in my family is we never have more than two of the same sex in a row. so i thought we would probably have a boy...but then again i have so many friends who have 3, 4, and 5 in a row of the same sex. so i had to consider having another girl. jayson had thought multiple times that he'd be the father of all girls. and for the record, he was happy about this. many times when people heard i was pregnant, they would tell jayson they'd be praying that he'd get a boy, or they hoped he got it right this time, etc. i say to you: blah blah blah. girls kick butt. either way we would be ecstatic.

and we are thrilled that we will have a boy in the family. this brings with it several new experiences and aspects of being a parent. we welcome these experiences and are sure it will bring more dimension and love into our house.

jayson has already pulled out all of his signed jerseys and footballs and is telling me where he is going to hang them in the nursery. he keeps telling me all of the things he is going to need now that he will be the father of a boy. and how old he will be when junior goes to scout camp.

oh, and he keeps asking me what i think of the name lavell.