Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'm going to tri...

joy, deb, katy, me, and teresa after the running with angels 5k

once upon a time, i was training for the moab half marathon. it was a goal of mine to run a half marathon, and i was so excited to complete it. however, i met jayson a couple months before the race and suddenly my training program tanked. when race day arrived, i didn't feel as prepared as i'd hoped and i chickened out and only ran the 5 mile race. it's been hard to live that down and i really feel like i disappointed myself.

however, i also felt during that race that 5 miles was the most i'd ever like to run at one time. maybe it was because i was so ill-prepared, maybe its a.d.d., or maybe i don't love running like i thought. maybe i don't believe in myself enough. whatever it is, i decided that maybe i'd like to try something different.

a triathlon.

it sounded challenging enough, and diverse enough to do. i've been looking for a race for awhile, but between kids, no bike, and total inexperience in the field, i wasn't sure where to begin. i don't think i've known anyone around here who has participated in a race i could enter. the only race i knew anything about was the spudman, and that seemed out of the question.

so a couple weeks ago i was feeling especially out of shape and fat and resolved that it couldn't continue. a triathlon was the answer. i had to do it. i found a triathlon in american fork in may. it is a women only triathlon and a sprint distance (the shortest). 300 meter swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. i could do that. it'd take some real training because i haven't lifted a finger in 9 months, but i believe i can accomplish something like it.

last week i bought a bike.

today i registered for the race.

i'm committed.

i have two friends doing it with me so far--elisa (my bff from high school) and stephanie (my bff from my mission). my sister-in-law is almost on board too, she just needs to believe she can do it.

and now, i'm inviting all of you to join me may 22nd. my goal is to finish and lose some of this muffin top i've aquired. that's it. if you join me, i promise i'll ride my bike with you, run with you, or swim with you a couple times before the race.

if you want to enter, go to triutah.com. registration opened today at noon, and last year they sold out within two days. so if you are interested, i'd hurry on over.

i'm so excited. and so nervous.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

family pictures

Do you need your family picture taken? I can't speak highly enough of Jon Canlas. He's the best in the state, bar none. Jon shoots 100% film, which really sets his work apart. But seriously, even if his pictures weren't phenomenal, I'd have him shoot your family pictures or wedding just because of who he is. He makes you feel totally comfortable and you will want him to be your best friend by the end of the shoot.

Last November, Jayson attended a workshop taught by Jonathan Canlas. We were so honored and flattered when he asked us to come model for his workshop in Park City in October. We knew I was going to be gigantic, but that just kind of added to the fun. Besides, all of the attendies and Jon made me feel like I was beautiful and not a tank (THANK YOU!).

Here are all of Jon's pictures. The other attendies shot beautiful photos too, but Jon's pictures are the best (duh).

Jayson and I both commented about what a wonderful experience it was to have our pictures taken by Jon. We walked away feeling more love, more commitment, more peace. And here I thought we were just going to walk away with photos.

Call Jon. He's totally worth your money.