Saturday, August 13, 2011


remember me? i used to blog here on dawg eat dawg. my name is heidi. i know there are only two of you that believe that i might still post something here (i still get my stats update every week). actually, scratch that...probably both of those visits are my mother.

anyway, here i am with not a lot to say. just thought i should probably let you all know that i haven't totally abandoned you. i've just been kinda busy and kinda totally off my groove.

but these three (yes, i had another child in june) have been keeping me pretty busy. i wish i could say life is all idyllic and stuff, but here's the truth: we watch a lot of tv. and i'm kinda cranky sometimes. and i yell way more than i should.

it's true what they say--three kids really does rock your world. at least, it's rocked mine! (insert laughter of my mother who had eight. or my friend stephanie who has five kids ages 5 and under.)

but i'm starting to feel like a person again, and i feel like although this will continue to be demanding that I CAN DO IT. i've starting cooking dinner again and i've actually gone to the park a few times without help. i've been to the store with all three, and quickly realized that i never want to do it again.

although it's been an adjustment, i feel a deep sense of gratitude everyday for these three little ones. i'm so grateful to be a mother and to be able to spend all my time with them. i'm a firm believer that the hardest things are also the most rewarding things. i know i'm very lucky to have this time with them, and i hope to make the most of it.

they are so sweet and so dear to me. love them so much.

and to you, please don't give up on me yet.