Saturday, August 13, 2011


remember me? i used to blog here on dawg eat dawg. my name is heidi. i know there are only two of you that believe that i might still post something here (i still get my stats update every week). actually, scratch that...probably both of those visits are my mother.

anyway, here i am with not a lot to say. just thought i should probably let you all know that i haven't totally abandoned you. i've just been kinda busy and kinda totally off my groove.

but these three (yes, i had another child in june) have been keeping me pretty busy. i wish i could say life is all idyllic and stuff, but here's the truth: we watch a lot of tv. and i'm kinda cranky sometimes. and i yell way more than i should.

it's true what they say--three kids really does rock your world. at least, it's rocked mine! (insert laughter of my mother who had eight. or my friend stephanie who has five kids ages 5 and under.)

but i'm starting to feel like a person again, and i feel like although this will continue to be demanding that I CAN DO IT. i've starting cooking dinner again and i've actually gone to the park a few times without help. i've been to the store with all three, and quickly realized that i never want to do it again.

although it's been an adjustment, i feel a deep sense of gratitude everyday for these three little ones. i'm so grateful to be a mother and to be able to spend all my time with them. i'm a firm believer that the hardest things are also the most rewarding things. i know i'm very lucky to have this time with them, and i hope to make the most of it.

they are so sweet and so dear to me. love them so much.

and to you, please don't give up on me yet.


Frankman's said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are. You have such a handsome new addition to your family!

Mary said...

Congrats and what did you name the little guy?

Brandi, Dan, L and B said...

They are so cute! I really think the age gap has something to do with the hardness as well. Calvin and Penny aren't even 2 years a part. That would be a little tough. Your a great mom though and I am sure that you are doing way better then you give yourself credit for. :) I only have 2 and we probably watch to much t.v. Eventually there will be a third though just waiting for a age gap I am ready for.

ijoyce said...

Heidi, your kids are DARLING. Miss you guys!!

janae said...

Back when Ruth was in town and you wrote an email saying you might have to bring your baby, I was so surprised. I knew you were expecting, but since I'm not on facebook, I never saw any announcement or information, and it was like *BOOM* Heidi had a baby and I completely missed it! Oops. So a very belated congratulations!

ps. I don't think I took three kids to the store until Enoch was two.

Denise Robertson said...

Your children are SO beautiful. I can only imagine how difficult -- but awesome -- three baby babes are. I can barely keep it together with two. You are amazing.

Thanks for checking in with an update!

Sharalea said...

I love your family of three--they are so adorable, each one!! I'm glad to hear from you--I've heard 2 to 3 is crazy, I'm thinking there is no way to really prepare so I'm gearing up for craziness this winter!! :)

No matter how crazy you feel, how many days you don't get a shower, how many blogs you see of Moms doing regular-super-planned events...YOU ARE DOING AWESOME...because YOU are YOU and those are your babies and you are giving them all of YOU.

I'm so proud of you & impressed with your optimism and the value you place on mothering. You can do it! And in 4 months...I'll be calling you for advice!!

Joy said...

you are amazing and your kids adore you! Heck, I adore you too! Thanks for being such a great example. XOXO

Ruth said...

so nice to hear from you! Just wait a few months and Calvin will be old enough for the tissue box technique. This consists of giving the needy baby a tissue box so that he can take every single tissue out. He stops needing you instantly (It's amazing how that happens) and you can use both hands to meet the needs of the other two. You then just put the tissue back in the box and save it for the next time all three kids are having meltdowns. ;)

Jolie said...

the 3rd flipped my world upside down too! More like sent it into a tailspin for about a year. ;-)
Life was hard then. There were lots of tears...and not all were the kids'. I stayed in my pj's until, like, 3p.m. Yeaaaaah.
But you'll find your new groove and I promise it gets tons easier after a while.
...and just ask my neighbors. I yell too. That's life!

Your little darlings are so dang good looking! Brava!

That Girl said...

AWESOME. I have missed you. (And not just your blog ... When are we scheduling a girls weekend?)

Yes, three is so.darn.hard. It took me at least six months to feel like myself. Maybe more ....?

But no worries. Some day you'll take all three to a museum without even batting an eyelash. Really. You will. Maybe even four!

In the meantime, TV is just fine.

SNSsoup said...

No worries Heidi- I wasn't laughing. Remember I've been there- I know exactly what it's like, but trust me, it totally gets easier--- in certain ways at least. Like one of your friends said, there will come the day when you'll take your kids to a museum and you won't even bat your eyelashes--- it will be easy peezy. And keep in mind, I probably yell W.A.Y. more than I should too--- I keep trying to tell myself I need to remember to just walk away, find a quiet spot and take a few minutes to cool my temper and take a deep breath but it's hard to do when all my boys are stuck to me like flies on glue. I'm sure you're doing great mothering your little ones--- in fact I know you are. Mae is one of the sweetest, kindest, most polite little 4 yr old girls I know! I think every mom has her moment where she feels frustrated or overwhelmed... I know I sure do!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you're back.