Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer 2010

I've made my list.

You know, my list where I have very lofty goals for the summer to make it educational, fun, and extremely memorable? And I usually finish about a quarter of them?

But at least I have goals.

Summer 2010

carnival at art city days

grow sunflowers

make our own bubbles

run a 10k

stand in the ocean (ten days!)

make a pinata

grow butterflies

take a ride in a '53 chevy (this is a whole other post, but the engine is finally at our house!)

help mae start a journal

demolition derby

get glitter toes (appointment friday)

learn about and visit the smoot's bees

pick your own strawberries or raspberries (cherries?)

do the summer reading program at the library (mae AND i joined today!)

ride the carousel at zermatt (we have lots of tokens. want to come?)

go camping

do a triathlon (DONE!)

picnic at salem pond

attend the utah scottish festival and highland games

watch a movie on our back patio

swimming lessons for mae

and here are a few that have been on my list for the last few years. that i still haven't done. but i will do them this year. or die trying.

ride bikes from bridal veil falls to utah lake

go to cove fort

watch the hot air balloons

play a game of kickball

and, if i can swing it, i'd really really like to take jayson to moab this summer.

of course, i haven't included fishing, visiting thanksgiving point weekly, playing in the fountain at the gateway, swimming at veterans pool, etc because those will happen without planning.

ready, set, GO!