Sunday, June 14, 2009

ode to summer, 2009 edition

it was really helpful to have a list of things i wanted to do last summer. i did most things on my list, resulting in a fantastic summer. those that i didn't do will appear on my list again this year, along with many new additions. this summer is going to be busy since my parents get home, but i hope to make time for a few other adventures.

here's my 2009 ode to summer:
*walk a 5k
*not cut my hair
*watch hot air balloons
*ride the heber creeper
*sit on my new flagstone patio (this would require making the flagstone patio)
*go fishing
*demolition derby
*play kickball
*make a new summer playlist
*paint my toenails every week
*outdoor concert
*squeeze lemons to make lemonade
*go to cove fort
*drive alpine loop in the BMW
*go to moab
*ride ski lift at sundance
*go golfing with jayson
*can peaches
*outdoor movie
*ride bike from bridal vail to utah lake
*batting cages
*go on lots of walks
*make ice cream in a hand crank bucket


Ruth said...

Heidi, These are such great ideas! I love them. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jonathan Canlas said...

um, can we plan on doing the derby together? i'm so not joking.

Denise Robertson said...

Now I want to make a list. Too fun.

janae said...

Ha, ha! We have list of things we want to do, too. I love summer.

ps. that picture makes me hungry

erin said...

we need to go to the strawberry days rodeo next week. always more fun with lots of friends. We want to go to the derby too....

That Girl said...

Mind if I join you?