Friday, June 20, 2008

ode to summer

Do you ever feel like everyone else besides you is having fun?

Do you ever feel like summer is slipping away, even though it has just barely started?

Do you ever feel like you're so focused on getting the things you need to get done that you forget about the things that you want to get done?

I do.

This has all been on my mind a lot lately. I've been waiting for summer since... last summer. I've been so anxious for its arrival, I feel like I've put so many things off because they seem so much easier in the summer. I kept telling myself that summer would be our time to have fun.

And now summer's here, and I don't feel any different. I don't feel like our family has enjoyed any of the wonderful things summer has to offer. And I have been panicking this week, because I feel like summer is almost over. I know that's totally irrational, but after Jayson gets back from Scout camp this week, I'll leave in two weeks for girls camp (plus a few prep days before), and then two weeks later we go to youth conference which is at my parents cabin (so add a few days at the cabin getting it ready). Then its AUGUST and things get busy again at J Dawgs. So really, we only have a few weeks to capitalize on all of the wonderful things of summer. Do you see my panic?

Last week at Weight Watchers they encouraged us to make a "want to" list instead of a "have to" list. This morning I embarked on such a project. I made myself a summer music playlist, took my music outside and sat under my tree and wrote. I made a "things I love about summer" list for myself and I started one for Jayson and Mae. We have to take summer into our own hands, or it will be gone and we'll still be missing out.

Here is my list:
*bocce ball (this is one of our favorite games. we have a set, and are up for playing whenever)
*listening to summer music (i'm doing that right now!)
*baseball games (I went to a couple innings of the orem owlz game and i can't wait to go back)
*happy hour at sonic (3-5 every afternoon. best slushes, period)
*swimming (i could do this everyday)
*hiking (anyone know any good hikes around?)
*mowing the lawn (i don't think jayson will let me mow our own lawn, so i'll have to mow elda's)
*THE CABIN (my parents and my grandparents)
*hot air balloons (bring on the freedom festival!)
*bike rides (we have two bikes and a bike trailer, so we're ready)
*parades (this one is set up for the fourth of july at the smoots. yes!)
*painted toenails (i need to take more initiative in this area. anyone want to go polish shopping?)
*homemade ice cream (i love the old crank style makers. anyone have one?)
*carnivals--ferris wheels (we missed art city days, and i'm so sad about it)
*outdoor concerts (august, listening to katy compete in the celebrity competition)
*evenings sitting outside my house (i could do this everyday)
*snow cones (i totally missed ella good last year, which is pretty sad because they're the best and they're only 50 yards from j dawgs)
*sunglasses (something funky this year)
*fireworks (one show never is enough. i want lots and lots of fireworks)
*vacation with my 2 fav's (j and mae, or course. our toronto trip was the best thing of last summer. chicago this summer?)
*corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon.... (i love summer produce)
*demolition derbies (thank you kirk and wasatch search and rescue)
*riding in a convertible car (anyone know where we could find one of these)
*camping (did we miss the ward campout?)
*flavored lemonade (ideally on the patio of red robin, eating a hamburger)
*rodeos (oakley?)
*bonfires (can't beat that smell)

I'm sure if I (a total yellow) struggle with this, you might be too. I know Joy is (she's made her list already). And I want us all to have a rocking summer.

So here's what I'm gonna do. If you do any of these things this summer, take a picture doing it. Put it on your blog (if you have one) under the title "ode to summer." Send me a copy of the picture ( and I'll put it on my blog, and I'll send you a J Dawgs gift certificate (because that should be on everyone's list). If you make your own list, I'll send you a gift certificate too.

I want this summer to be unforgettable!


Sheli said...

So, here I am thinking I have way too much summer left! I am trying to be optimistic that I can make it through without a mental breakdown. Then again, I have three crazy boys at home that are always clamoring for some sort or attention or a friend to play with....then I end up with 6 kids at my house. Oh well, keep the prozac comin'! :-) We have managed a lot of swimming this week and some great time at the cabin, so I would say our summer is in full swing. July will bring another trip to the cabin, a couple trips to the lake, a weekend in Jackson Hole (my personal favorite) and lots more swimming. I do love homemade ice cream (but am trying to cut back on that this summer), corn on the cob and peaches. Lastly our annual trip to the beach will round out our summer. Then a very welcome return of the school year. Yes....I am already counting the days! :-)

sarah said...

OK, I love that you sit outside with a clipboard making lists. I do it all the time!

I feel the same's slipping by.

Have you tried the Grotto hike? It's up payson canyon. A really easy hike (aka: Mae could walk it!) but soooo beautiful and SHADY and it ends at a cool cavey waterfall.
Our other favorite is the Stewart Falls hike up by Sundance....also ends in a waterfall...but is quite a bit more strenuous (you'll need to pack Mae on your back).

Ice cream: I just returned a great book to the library full of really cool and yummy ice cream, sorbet and granita recipes. Called The Perfect Scoop. Not really WW friendly...maybe the granitas...or extra points. We have a cuisinart machine---you could borrow it for the summer if you'd like (we're leaving next weekend).

Happy Birthday to our favorite hot doggers!

Liz Hawkins said...

Can you believe I've never had a J Dawg? What kind of friend am I (maybe just one who lives really far away...)? THIS is the summer!

Frankman's said...

i TOTALLY understand because i had a similar panic attack when i realized that next week is already the last week in june, and let's face it, i've made minimal progress on my thesis that i was planning on having done by the end of the summer. where has the time gone? because i certainly haven't been checking off the fun things to do on my list. shockingly, i haven't even been camping yet!! your post has inspired me to write down my list so we can make sure to schedule some time in for the fun stuff of summer!!

Carey said...

you are too amazing to be related to me....loved your post! I so need to print it out and post it on every available wall in my house to help me remember the important things!!

PS- I'm stealing your list...thanks for saving me TONS of time!!!

Ruth Grey said...

You are such a fun girl. I'm sure all of us will have a great summer. Thanks for the ideas!

Garner Family said...

I love this idea. I will be doing it soon!

darcie said...

I loved reading your list, Heidi! My summer seems to be going slowly but reading your "Ode to Summer" made me realize we need to get out and have some summer fun. You are awesome!

P.S. What is on your summer playlist?