Thursday, June 19, 2008

katy belts!

Wow! Last night was unbelievable! Katy (Jayson's sister) has quite the amazing voice. We all knew that, but we saw it once again last night. She's been taking voice lessons and has been working on the technique called belting. And boy, did she BELT!

Last night was round two of the Celebrity Vocal Competition at the Scera. Here is how it happens.... Twice a month for the next three months there is general competition-- 15 contestants perform live for everyone at the outdoor theatre. They can pick their song from a list of 600 songs. The contestants perform with a live band (This is Your Band). The contestants never get to practice with the band, they just show up and sing with them.

Last night the competition was good, but Katy was phenomenal. She brought down the house. And she was picked as one of the three contestants to go on to the semifinals!!!!!!!! The semi's will happen in August, and they will slim down the 18 winners to six. Then those six will open for Boyz II Men (that's right, Boyz II Men), and they will pick one winner who will then go on to sing on t.v. and other places. Go Katy!

Here's the video of her song. See for yourself just how good she is! (She sang Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood).


buttercup said...

Wow! She really does have an amazing voice!

Amy Jorgensen said...

holy cow. katy was AWSOME!!!!!!!!! i loved her voice. she could seriously be the next huge singing sensation.

maddie jorgensen