Monday, March 22, 2010


i can't handle it! all i want to do is smooch these girls all day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

did you know that...

i made a quiz about myself on facebook once, and one of the questions asked where i would eat my last meal. everyone besides jayson got the question wrong--they all answered my mother's house. although i love my mom dearly, my last meal would not be at her house. it would be at j dawgs. that place is so much a part of who we are. it holds so many memories. it is our first baby. and the dawgs are delicious.

i am clumsy and awkward. i was running in heels on friday and i face-planted. in front of lots of people. and i do things like that often.

i can't spell. (oh, you noticed?)

i have super sexy ankles.

one of my many flaws is i have a hard time seeing life other than the way i've lived it. i know this about myself, and i try really hard to not be this way. but living in the dorms was really good to me, so you should do it too. and going on a mission was vital to my growth and development, so you should go on one too. and having kids is amazing, so you should do it too. i know that life happens so differently for everyone...i just forget. and i'm way too vocal about my opinions. i'm trying, ok.

i love to cook. i'd do it all day, every day.

i love to try new things. especially new food.

i have a temper. and i'm impatient.

i want to go back to school someday. social work, culinary school, or sociology as it relates to food.

i hate scary movies.

i want 2-4 more children.

my goal in life is to live (for at least one year) where i can have an avocado and mango tree. hopefully hawaii.

i love to read, but i'm a horrible reader. i rarely finish books. i started a book club to remedy this. it only works about 50% of the time.

i never want to move. i love my home and my neighborhood. but...1270 square feet, 4-6 kids, and no back yard might be tough.

when we outgrow our house, i want to move somewhere new and different. a place where people have funny accents, and where i can have chickens and at least an acre of land.

i used to have blond short hair. now i have brown long hair. i get a lot of blank stares from people i haven't seen in a long time.

i'm a very goal oriented person. that is why i signed up for a triathlon--because i knew that i would exercise consistently and thus lose weight. it doesn't work for me to "try to lose weight." i had to have an end goal.

i want to go with jayson to australia, italy, and england. and hawaii every year. i need more skymiles.

i have a hard time incorporating prints into my wardrobe.

i had lasik. twice.

i'm missing four permanent teeth. my mouth was too small for my teeth (ironic, since i have such a big mouth).

i struggle balancing raising my children and fulfilling my personal needs and wants. and i'm not saying the kids always win.

i'd buy toilet paper if apple or honda made it.

i want to be more in harmony with the earth. recycling, composting, gardening, riding my bike, etc.

i'd like snow if it only happened for a month and then warmed up. or if i never had to leave my house.

if i don't leave my house, i quickly get into a slump. i need people. i need sunshine.

i get carsick.

i have a stomach of steel. i rarely throw-up. but when i do, it is because i'm violently ill...if you catch my drift.

my favorite shows are LOST, modern family, biggest loser, psych, and the office. i'll be glad when lost is done because this is too much t.v. for me to keep up with.

i love sweets. ice cream is my favorite and pie is my least favorite. followed closely by cake. unless it's a bundt cake. i love bundt cake.

shopping is my therapy.

i am blessed far more than i deserve. i feel like that talking heads song..."you might find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife (husband) and you may ask yourself, well how did i get here?"

how did i get here?

Sunday, March 7, 2010