Sunday, March 14, 2010

did you know that...

i made a quiz about myself on facebook once, and one of the questions asked where i would eat my last meal. everyone besides jayson got the question wrong--they all answered my mother's house. although i love my mom dearly, my last meal would not be at her house. it would be at j dawgs. that place is so much a part of who we are. it holds so many memories. it is our first baby. and the dawgs are delicious.

i am clumsy and awkward. i was running in heels on friday and i face-planted. in front of lots of people. and i do things like that often.

i can't spell. (oh, you noticed?)

i have super sexy ankles.

one of my many flaws is i have a hard time seeing life other than the way i've lived it. i know this about myself, and i try really hard to not be this way. but living in the dorms was really good to me, so you should do it too. and going on a mission was vital to my growth and development, so you should go on one too. and having kids is amazing, so you should do it too. i know that life happens so differently for everyone...i just forget. and i'm way too vocal about my opinions. i'm trying, ok.

i love to cook. i'd do it all day, every day.

i love to try new things. especially new food.

i have a temper. and i'm impatient.

i want to go back to school someday. social work, culinary school, or sociology as it relates to food.

i hate scary movies.

i want 2-4 more children.

my goal in life is to live (for at least one year) where i can have an avocado and mango tree. hopefully hawaii.

i love to read, but i'm a horrible reader. i rarely finish books. i started a book club to remedy this. it only works about 50% of the time.

i never want to move. i love my home and my neighborhood. but...1270 square feet, 4-6 kids, and no back yard might be tough.

when we outgrow our house, i want to move somewhere new and different. a place where people have funny accents, and where i can have chickens and at least an acre of land.

i used to have blond short hair. now i have brown long hair. i get a lot of blank stares from people i haven't seen in a long time.

i'm a very goal oriented person. that is why i signed up for a triathlon--because i knew that i would exercise consistently and thus lose weight. it doesn't work for me to "try to lose weight." i had to have an end goal.

i want to go with jayson to australia, italy, and england. and hawaii every year. i need more skymiles.

i have a hard time incorporating prints into my wardrobe.

i had lasik. twice.

i'm missing four permanent teeth. my mouth was too small for my teeth (ironic, since i have such a big mouth).

i struggle balancing raising my children and fulfilling my personal needs and wants. and i'm not saying the kids always win.

i'd buy toilet paper if apple or honda made it.

i want to be more in harmony with the earth. recycling, composting, gardening, riding my bike, etc.

i'd like snow if it only happened for a month and then warmed up. or if i never had to leave my house.

if i don't leave my house, i quickly get into a slump. i need people. i need sunshine.

i get carsick.

i have a stomach of steel. i rarely throw-up. but when i do, it is because i'm violently ill...if you catch my drift.

my favorite shows are LOST, modern family, biggest loser, psych, and the office. i'll be glad when lost is done because this is too much t.v. for me to keep up with.

i love sweets. ice cream is my favorite and pie is my least favorite. followed closely by cake. unless it's a bundt cake. i love bundt cake.

shopping is my therapy.

i am blessed far more than i deserve. i feel like that talking heads song..."you might find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife (husband) and you may ask yourself, well how did i get here?"

how did i get here?


Denise Robertson said...

I had no idea! That post was so much fun. I'll have to get off my lazy butt and write one like it someday.

austinamasandra said...

That was fun, i was surprised, i actually knew some of those things...well we did live together for 4 months, 7 days a weeks, 24 hours a day (the only break you got from me was in the W.C.). I still thing the WORLD of you!!!!

Carey said...

you are the cutest person EVER!

Ruth said...

love it!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

This was a really cute post, Heidi. And this part? "one of my many flaws is i have a hard time seeing life other than the way i've lived it." That whole paragraph is SO like me, only I never really saw it as a flaw before, so you kind of opened my eyes a little bit. Thanks for that.

I think you should live in Costa Rica.

j@nAe said...

You can't write this much in one post. There are waaaaay too many things to comment on!

1) Flaw or not, you're right. Everyone should live in the dorms, serve a mission, and have babies.

2) If Hawaii doesn't work out, you can definitely have avocado and mango trees in Puerto Rico. And I can vouch for the amazingness of living there. :)

3) I so agree with the snow comment. I want May weather from January-May, a regular summer, and October weather from September-November. It can be winter in December. But ONLY December.

4) I don't think you have a big mouth or that you are too vocal about your opinions. But then again, coming from me, that might not be much of a consolation. I make you look good on both counts. ;)

Harmony said...

I already knew lots of those things about you! Yesss! But, I didn't know you got Lasik TWICE! I remember you getting it when we were roomies... did it mot work? Hm, I"ll have to remember to ask you about it some time, because Jared wants to get it done some day.

Also, one thing you forgot to mention, in addition to your extremely sexy ankles, is your SEXY KNEECAPS! Oh, if I were a man I'd be all over them....


Loved the post. Totally makes me want to copy you and do one myself.

Joy said...

You forgot to mention that you have an amazing sister. cough cough! Anyway, I loved it. It made me to kind of sort of end my year long blogging break. On the other hand you know the password. It would give you something to do. Loves!

liz hawkins said...

I'm glad to hear the dorms were good to you! They were so very good to me, too!!

sarah said...

Great post, Heidi. We have A LOT in common. Too bad I'm so antisocial or we could hang out more and become really great friends! :)

SNSsoup said...

I like that you said you get car sick, and then the very next thing you listed was that you have a stomach of steel... Hmmm.... you do have super sexy ankles; me not so much- sometimes (especially when I'm pregnant they get lost between my feet and my calves). I had to laugh about the fact that you want chickens. Baby chicks are on sale right now at Cal Ranch & Thanksgiving Points Farm Country. They're SO cheap too! I nearly bought a couple of them two weeks ago when we were visiting, but then good sense came over me and I realized I had no where to put them. (I did learn a good lesson while serving with you that you can't keep a baby duckling inside the house- and b.t.w. next time I see you, be sure to ask me what I think ultimately happened to Petey O. Pato. Remember how we went there and he wasn't there any longer... I think he drowned! Yes sad, but I've done some research on ducks since the mish and I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I'll explain next time I see you!) Anyhow, so I decided I couldn't get any chickens, but that didn't stop me from pressuring my in laws. I mean, my gosh, they have a big enough yard, but they wouldn't give! What's wrong with people! Anyhow, love the facts about you. Strange that we're so alike in so many ways; I suppose that's why I like you so much Heidi! And oh yeah, if you said you wanted 2-4 more children; you're welcome to have 2 or 4 of mine when ever you want! Just kidding of course ;-) Call me or text me sometime-I've been so busy but still want to do something; maybe this Friday Thanksgiving Point or next Monday the 22ND??? let me know.

The Livingstones said...

oops - somehow i left my comment for this post on the sisters post.

darcie said...

Can I just tell you how much I love to read your blog? You really have a gift, Heidi and I loved, loved, loved this post!

Kev and Chels said...

you probably don't remember me but i'm friends with joy engebretsen and liz stohlton and i met you a few times at byu. anyway, my husband's sick tonight so i'm blogsurfing and i thought "hey, i wonder if that heidi on the side of liz's blog is the one i met a few times." i recognized you and i just had to leave a comment because i can't tell you how many of those things i totally relate on...the dorms, the mission, the vomiting, wanting to do more for the environment, love reading but don't do it enough, need a goal to achieve something...anyway, just thought that was fun. maybe we'll live by each other some day and have a lot in common:)~Chelsey

Elizabeth Merrill said...

Heidi, I just found your blog through facebook. Way cute. I'm just wondering, since apple or Honda don't make toilet paper, do you still buy it? Ha ha, just kidding! You're kids are adorable!