Thursday, April 30, 2009


I bet your that:

1. your husband isn't as cool as mine because
2. after a very LONG Saturday at work he
3. came home and helped clean up for a half hour before announcing that
5. dressed up in said white fluffy suit and
6. surprised his daughter and friends who were over and
7. went around the neighborhood to visit other kids while
8. waving at all of the cars driving past. after which he attempted to
9. make out with me wearing a bunny suit, and then he
10. did it all over again the next day for his niece.

best Easter ever.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

J Dawgs

J Dawgs was in the news twice this week:
(why do people always want to know how much we make and why do they make assumptions?)

And in the Daily Herald. I haven't seen the section in the Daily Herald, but I hear we won best hot dog in Utah Valley. Wahoo! As soon as I get a copy, I will post the article here.

One more thing...if any of you will be in the Provo area on June 9th, we will be hosting a five year anniversary bash. I'll be the one dressed up as a hot dog. We hope to be open in our new space that week as well.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


me and my three sisters--kendra, amy, and shannon on a cruise in 2005.

I love my sisters--blood and in-laws. 

That's why when we found out on Monday that we're having another girl, I was mostly excited for Mae. Brothers are wonderful, but who else can understand you like a sister? Who plays with you better than your sister? And when you get older, who is a better friend than a sister?

Mae can't stop talking about her baby sister. Jayson is tickled to have another girl. I'm thrilled too, and can't believe I now talk about the "the girls." I'm already trying to figure out how we're going to do their room (Mae requested pink walls). 

I think little Penny/Ruby/Pearl/Baby Horsie (Mae's favorite name) is going to come at just the right time. Growing a family is so much fun.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

mission reunion

i still can't decide about my high school reunion. but it's never a decision to go to a mission reunion if this man is in town.

to be honest, almost all of the sisters have moved away, and the elders still treat sisters like they're diseased. so i don't really see any missionaries. but it doesn't matter because i get approximately 2 minutes with presidente and sister soares. and, presidente always gives a short fireside where i am inspired again.

presidente is one of my heros. aside from patiently guiding and believing in me on my mission, he sealed jayson and i in the temple. seeing him every april is one of the highlights of my year.

portland...few words, fewer pictures

it was my birthday, and we spent less than 72 hours in portland, but we took advantage.

breakfast at my favorite, bob's red mill (this picture disappeared).

afternoon at the portland zoo.

dinner at cheesecake factory. six slices of cheesecake at tyler and jessi's apartment (j's brother and wife). three slices of cheesecake were free. we scored.

haircuts the next day by the beautiful jessi.

wicked. the whole point of the trip. elphaba=phenomenal.


pictures of mae by poppa.
lunch at changs.
visit to great grandma.

it was a perfect birthday weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i had really wanted mae to take a gymnastics class, but every place i went seemed pretty expensive. so when i heard that mapleton city had a class for almost nothing, we signed up quickly! mae loved going to gymnastics and sometimes would just run in circles in giddy excitement.

the class wasn't as structured as some other places, but it fit mae perfectly. she learned a lot of skills and was able to accomplish new things. one of these days i'll get a video of her perfect forward roll.

we heard about the class through our good friend toby, who works for mapleton. mae has a gigantic crush on toby, so she was so excited every week to go to his work and hoped to catch a glimpse of him.

the class had a little performance a few weeks ago, but we weren't able to make it because of scheduling conflicts. so daddy came to a couple of her classes and saw her in action. you'd think she was performing for the king.

classes start up again in fall if anyone wants to join me.

ten year reunion...

my ten year high school reunion is coming up, and i can't figure out if i want to go or not.

here's a little history. i moved to utah in 8th grade. i hated it. i missed california. i was completely lost in social circles. it was different here--people didn't like me just because i was mormon. i had to be something--in the band, on the soccer team, etc. and even though i was involved in some of those activities, i never really quite found my stride. my best friends were a year older than me--i really don't think i had and real close friends in my grade in high school.

high school just wasn't my thing. i was awkward, clumsy, loud and nerdy. i was still really trying to figure out just who i was. i know that's normal--but with 6 older extremely talented, smart, and beautiful sibblings it took me a long time. i don't really feel like i found me until i reached college.

timpview is just a bit different than other schools. it tried very hard to take in a mixture of people from provo, but the reality is that most everyone drove fancy cars, wore expensive clothes, and was super polished. when i moved from california, i refused to shop anywhere but savers where i could find old grateful dead shirts and ragedy jeans.

this is one of the reasons i love living in springville. i don't run into many people from my high school. because this is always how the conversation goes:

me: "hey, do you remember me--we went to high school together?"
person: blank stare
me: "i'm heidi...last name..."
person: blank stare...
me: "at timpview...."
person: "what year did you graduate?"
me: "1999--we graduated together"
person: blank stare...

and, i don't even have that great of a memory.

so my ten year reunion is coming up, and they keep asking for a head count. it's going to cost us $80. i'm in touch with almost everyone i want to be from those days (i did find two fantastic friends who i lived with at different times at BYU). i really don't want to introduce myself 400 times and get the blank stare. i'm going to be big and pregnant. jayson isn't interested in going at all. most of the time i'm not either.

but then there are times when i can't seem to let go of it.

to go, or not to go?