Thursday, April 16, 2009


i had really wanted mae to take a gymnastics class, but every place i went seemed pretty expensive. so when i heard that mapleton city had a class for almost nothing, we signed up quickly! mae loved going to gymnastics and sometimes would just run in circles in giddy excitement.

the class wasn't as structured as some other places, but it fit mae perfectly. she learned a lot of skills and was able to accomplish new things. one of these days i'll get a video of her perfect forward roll.

we heard about the class through our good friend toby, who works for mapleton. mae has a gigantic crush on toby, so she was so excited every week to go to his work and hoped to catch a glimpse of him.

the class had a little performance a few weeks ago, but we weren't able to make it because of scheduling conflicts. so daddy came to a couple of her classes and saw her in action. you'd think she was performing for the king.

classes start up again in fall if anyone wants to join me.


SNSsoup said...

I would LOVE my boys to join Mae in gymnastics. Does that sound funny? boys in gymnastics... but since I don't even know where Mapleton is, I'm thinking it's a bit too far from where we live. Sorry. Anyhow- I think it's great you put Mae in the class, even if it wasn't totally structured; I think its good to get kids out of the house, around other adults and children and let them look forward to days on which classes would be held. It helps their self confidence grow, helps with discipline and it's great cuz you're not the one giving the orders like they're used to and they get that physical activity and social interaction all kids crave. Glad you guys found something that worked for Mae.

Denise Robertson said...

Who doesn't have a crush on Toby? He's the man!

Your such an awesome mom to take her to gymnastics. Structure is WAY overrated. Abby is happy picking up sticks and rolling around in the dirt on our front yard. The best part -- it's free!

Ruth said...

That looks like so much fun. Hope you are feeling well!

janae said...

Oooh! I want to do it!! Too bad I don't live there any more. :( Seara would love gymnastics. She's a regular monkey. Mae is super cute. Elijah is so gonna crush on her next time we all get together!

erin said...

YEs YEs...we need gymnastics like last summer for all 3 but not terribly thrilled to go back to where we were...I will have to call and get the info. Luc would be THRILLED to have a regular time to play with Mae