Saturday, June 13, 2009


i loved college. i really really loved it, and i could list lots of reasons why. but the number one reason is the people i met there. they are my best friends (for life) and no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we pick up right where we left off.

so when kimberly called me and told me she was getting married, i told her i'd be there. and then i found out that three other of my roommates were going to be there too, without husbands., anyone?

we kicked off the festivities with a bachelorette party for kimmie. here she is...doesn't she look fantastic?

we had manicures and pedicures. here are the five of us that lived together at one point or another--kim, becky, ruth, me, harmony.

me, ruth, harmony, and becky. i love these girls.

after we were pampered and feeling relaxed, we went to dinner and gave kim some "gifts."

then we had a few days to relax, shop, eat, shop, stay up way too late, etc before the wedding. i didn't get too many pictures, because i was way too busy enjoying myself. thankfully, becky did!

here we are before the sealing (without the bride).

after the sealing...

since i really love these girls (becky, kim, and harmony are all from the same hometown), i went out to visit them in michigan in 2001. i stayed with kimberly's family, and fell in love with them. they're fantastic. i also stayed with the jensens for a day after jayson and i went to toronto two years ago. here i am with kim's sister, becca.

and her brother michael. i had to take this picture because a couple weeks ago we catered michael's wedding lunch. while i was busy cooking, mae was outside playing. she came running inside and said "mom, uncle drew is here!" i was pretty confused, until i saw michael. turns out he does look like my handsome brother, drew.

here are the girls again. me, becky, ruth, and harmony.

this time with kimmie.

and fine, i guess ben can be in the picture too.

harms and me.

and the sexy roommates again.

i had such a good time in michigan. congratulations kimberly and ben! have fun in mexico, and don't get sick.


Denise Robertson said...

You are looking so beautiful. I think it is wonderful you were able to meet up for such a fun weekend. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

Christa Jeanne said...

Awwww, it just makes me grin to see you ladies together again. I absolutely adored your apartment (and still do)!

Ruth said...

We're so hot... it makes me laugh to think of all the hard work that went into yours and Becky's shoes, Harm's outfit and, of course, my tan legs!

Ruth said...

very cute Heidi.

janae said...

So. much. FUN. I *love* your dress at the wedding. I want it. Bad. :)

Harmony said...

MMMMM, yeah. Smokin' hot roomies. Your girls are dead sexy.

That Girl said...

Thank you for not posting THAT ONE PICTURE of my waddle. I still love you.

Also - why didn't we take a shoe pic? Oh. Because we're stupid.

Love you. OH, how I love you.