Wednesday, June 10, 2009

st. george

bridget, jill, and i have been friends since middle school. we got together for a couple days in st. george and bridget's mom's house. it was great to hang out with these ladies, and our girls had a blast. all three of us have girls within about 4 months of each other.

here are the girls--mae (mine), paige (bridget's), and quinn (jill's).

the girls were pretty pampered--the played at the river park in downtown.

and the splash pad.

they took baths together every night,

which they really loved.

we were pretty pampered too. bridget's parents took us out to dinner our last night there, and fed us very well everyday.

jill had a baby girl recently, and bridget and i are due a couple weeks apart from each other. so far we're 5 for 6 with girls--i hope bridget has a girl too so our kiddos can all go to EFY together. ha ha!

it was so great to be with these girls, and wonderful to be out of town for a couple days! thanks again, ladies!


Denise Robertson said...

So much fun. Playdates -- for moms and kiddos -- are how we survive :)

Angie said...

We are headed to St George this weekend and had heard about the Town Square park. We thought about checking it out...I think we'll definitely do it now as those girls sure look like they are having fun.
Cute swimsuit on Mae!

austinamasandra said...

Hey I'll be in St. George in a couple of week, want to come see me? Just kidding I know you're not feeling that hot.

Ruth said...

fun times!

janae said...

Man, that is so fun! Especially that you seem to have gotten your kids all in sync. So great! :)