Friday, January 30, 2009

senior couples

do you know of someone who is ready to go on a mission?

who perhaps speaks a little french? or is willing to learn some?

who's looking for an adventure? and who is ready for an experience of a lifetime?

they are desperately needed in The Congo.

it may sound scary, but all returning missionaries from the Congo say it is the absolute best mission. even missionaries who've served in switzerland and jerusalem.


Jake Likes BYU said...

I don't get this post (sory i em sooo stupide). Haha.

erin said...

I wanna go.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Um, DUH - Campinas, Brazil is the best.


(But I'll go to the Congo in about thirty years or so!)

Jill Fellow said...

I need more posts from Heidi, and I about died reading you comment about the stranger trying to walk in your house. What the heck?!! I would have freaked out! Who walks into a house they have never been to even if they think they know the people. Shaddy cats over there is springville. Love and miss you -- Jill