Monday, January 14, 2008

Utah Livingstone Christmas

We feel really lucky to have family close to us. Kirk (my brother) and Tricia live in Heber with their kids, Jake, Josh and Sara. Currently my brother Drew lives with them until he goes on his mission this year.

We got together with the kids in Heber a few days before Christmas. We had an awesome dinner and played a super fun game "buzz word." I would recommend being on Kirk's team if you want to play the game. He was unbelievable.

Mae adores her cousins and they are so sweet to her. From the day Mae was born, Josh wanted to hold her and play with her. They all play really well together. We love the Heber Livingstones!


austinamasandra said...

I can't belive how big the kids got...makes me feel old!

HILLARY said...

I can't believe how much Kirks' boy looks like your brothers. Aren't family genes amazing!

Elisa said...

Wow. The picture on the bottom of this post - whoever that is - that is how I remember Drew!! What a handsome boy!