Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We LOVE Lost. We can't wait until January 31st when it starts again. If you don't watch Lost, here is your chance to get caught up. Even if you do watch it, this is hilarious. Lost, in 8 minutes 15 seconds brought to you by ABC.


buttercup said...

I too am counting down to Lost. That was a great clip I downloaded it for free on iTunes last week. The narrator is so dead pan. I'm glad that this season was already taped before the writers strike! Otherwise I might be "LOST" :)

austinamasandra said...

We really like it too, I wish they had more than 2 episodes each year!

Anonymous said...

I think I need to watch that 8 minutes a few times more to get up to speed. I used to watch it but ...it got ahead of me and I ...got LOST.
Hey your photos are GREAT! you are right, its the mom's who are home to see the stuff anyway! we gotta snap!