Monday, January 21, 2008

Mae's new thing

I'm not sure how it happened. And I don't really know what to think of it.

Mae's got a new thing: binkie. I think I found it in a box the other day and let her play with it. I didn't think anything of it because Mae hasn't taken a binkie since she was 2 weeks old. But, she became enamored with it. She knew exactly what to do with it and was really upset when I took it away. So I tucked it away later when she wasn't looking.

But then it came out again, and once again she loved it. So I had a little experiment and put her down for a nap with it, and she just lay in her crib peacefully sucking and staring into space. That NEVER happens. That binkie has transformed my child into the best napper in the world. What? Where have I gone wrong these last 15 months?!

The "rule" is she only gets it when she is in her crib....

or, ummm, at a laser rock show.

It worked like a charm. I think she fell asleep during a Led Zepplin song.

I'm thinking about bending my rules a little and letting her have it at Church. I'm really looking for ANY strategy that will allow me to sit through 3 consecutive minutes of Sacrament meeting. Mae just loves to socialize. Next week is ward conference. I'm already nervous for us.


The Watsons said...

I am a total binkie advocate - which comes a complete shock, since I WAS very much against it. (Ummm ... before I had kids.) But both my boys were the greatest sleepers in the world. Starting from six months I limited it only to the crib, and then took it away (cold turkey both times) at one year.

Sigh ... I often wonder why I did that ... especially on a nine hour flight with a screaming 16 month old....

heidizinha said...

yeah, most people say you should be taking away at a year, instead of, um, introducing it?

janae said...

I have never heard of a baby taking to a pacifier when they are 15 months old - that is a crack up!! Seara never really used one, and when she was 15 months old and Lije was born, she was 'introduced' and love them. But they never did the magic Mae is pulling off. Seara just chewed on them, never sucked. That is so hilarious!! Hey, whatever works to keep your sanity is free game. :)

buttercup said...

I only gave a binky to Kie. And vowed I would never let another one of my children have it. She was so obsessed with it. I seriously had to have 5 binkies sitting on her dresser so that when she woke up screaming in the middle of the night, as if someone were torturing her, because she couldn't find her binky--I could quickly shove one in her mouth in my own sleepy stupor. No one even knew what her face looked like until she was three when the binky fairy came and took it away from her which was quite a drama in and of itself.

The "peace" that the binky brought me was small in comparison to the trauma it brought. Of course this is just my personal experience and I know it has been wonderful for so many people out there. I would never tell anyone not to use it. My experience with Kie essentially ruined it for me.