Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mae's monthly update

Some of my friends do a monthly update on their children, and I think it is the MOST fabulous idea ... mostly because I'm sure I'll forget all of this way too quickly.

Mae is almost 15 months and she is growing leaps and bounds everyday. She is now quite a confident walker and has mostly given up crawling for good. She still walks like Frankenstein, but she is QUICK. It took her a long time to start walking, but I think she's made up ground really quickly.

She LOVES to play and has a new, incredibly infectious laugh. She giggles and giggles when you chase her and loves to be surprised. She also loves her new blocks she got for Christmas. She doesn't have any idea how to build things, but she is the master destroyer.

One of our New Year's resolutions is to do something fun together each week. We've been spending more time finding fun places for her to play and be a kid. We've been to some of the local play places. We're excited for warmer temperatures and opportunities to play outside. She's enjoyed it though, I think. I feel a lot better about myself anyway.

She is also now fascinated with the bathroom, so we try to always remember to close the door. Every once in awhile we forget, and find a juice box in the toilet, or an entire roll of toilet paper unwound on the floor. 

She has picked up some new signs (I never thought I'd be doing this...), and its actually been helpful for her to ask for what she needs. She is really good about asking "more please", and can say "finished" and "thank you." We're working on "sorry," and hoping we don't have to use it constantly.  

We are impressed with how much she understands and for how much personality she is showing. She is too much fun. She has brought infinite amounts of joy to our lives, and that joy has been quadrupled lately. Being a parent is truly the purpose of life.  


buttercup said...

This is SUCH a great idea! As you have more children try to remember to do this for all of them. I pretty much documented every little move Nathan made and well, the rest of the kids? hmm. . . lets just say it got worse with each child and Ryan and Tessa are still begging me to put together THEIR baby books!

SharTrevHarp said...

I LOVE this idea. I hope I can be as good as you keeping up with all the little things...and I love your refreshing take on parenthood--the real PURPOSE! :)

austinamasandra said...

Mae looks soo cute. Kids are the BEST!!!

Joy said...

You forgot to say how much she loves her aunt Joy Joy and cries when she leaves and has started to say her name. That is my favorite update.