Sunday, January 13, 2008

Utah Edwards Christmas

Last year we spent Christmas with the Edwards family. Joy, Katy, Tyler and Jessi would be returning to Portland again this year, but the rest of us were staying home (at least we thought). Since we weren't going to be together for Christmas (again, we thought), we wanted to have a Christmas celebration with the family that was around. So, December 16th we had a dinner together.

We requested that everyone dress in nice clothes and that it be a semi-formal affair. We didn't expect Ryan to come in his TUX! It was so sweet. We had turkey, pretzel salad, green bean casserole, roles, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, martinellis, and apple crisp. We borrowed my Mom's china, silver, and crystal, and had quite the fancy spread.

Here is Ryan and Jayson with the turkey (fresh from the turkey lurky cooker).

Jayson carving the bird. Mmmmm, turkey. Makes me hungry. And tired.

Teresa and Haylee, all ready to devour.

Our spread. I was so grateful to have Mom's china at our house. I had found some paper plates that were exact replicas of her china and I sent them to her for Christmas. I sent a few other Christmas things, but the china made me miss Mom and Dad most of all. When I mentioned this to Mom, she insisted that I go pick it up and use it. So I did. And it made all the difference that night.

Here we all are (minus Joy, who is taking the picture). Don't we look hungry?

After dinner, Ryan showed the film Luke 2 dubbed with Breath of Heaven. Then we sang Christmas songs for about an hour, and we sounded pretty darn good. Here are Katy and Teresa singing their hearts out.

Lastly, we gave gifts to each other. It was such a fun night, and tradition I would love to continue. Thanks for coming guys!

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Joy said...

That was such a fun night! I loved it. We need to make it a tradition. It was one of my favorite things of the season. Thanks for your hard work!