Friday, January 4, 2008

are you a blog stalker?

Confession: I am a blog stalker.

I LOVE to check your blogs and read what you are up to. I do it once, twice, sometimes three times a day. I am SO SO SO happy when there are new posts. I am overjoyed each time a new friend emails me to tell me they have started a blog. I feel closer to my loved ones through blogging. I have connected with old friends and made some new ones. I love other peoples blogs.

And I love to do my own blog. I feel like I am documenting my life for posterity. I love to share our life with you. I feel like it is a wonderful outlet for me. I wish I could do it all day. I want to do it more and more this year. Will you support me in this? And, are you a blog stalker too?


SharTrevHarp said...

Yes Yes YES!

I love blogging too! I love reading/seeing what my friends and fam are up to and keeping in touch with our blog as well--

It is a great outlet during the day...what did we do before blogs?

austinamasandra said...

"Hi, my name is Sandra and I'm a blog stalker!" I absolutely love to check my friends blog, it's like getting a letter, only better... :) I need to do better with mine!

janae said...

I used to be such a blog stalker, but I've chilled a bit since I got Google Reader. I would waste so much time going to everyone's blog two or three times a day, just to be frustrated if nothing had changed. Now I'm told whenever anyone updates, and I get frustrated if its been more than a few hours without anyone I know adding to their blog. :) This technological world has made us all into such goofs!

heidizinha said...

janae, please teach me about this technology. i'm starting to feel bad about being such a stalker!

buttercup said...

I too am a Google Reader fan! I used to blog stalk and Google Reader has freed up my life. Now I know exactly when my friends post things to their blogs and often am the first one there!

Mark said...

Blog stalker Heidi(imagine me pointing at myself), right here. Yep!

Now I will be stalking you too(I've already gone to Seth and Kendra's, and your parents blog). I'm an addict.