Friday, January 11, 2008

fine china

When Jayson and I got married, we didn't register for fine china. I'm not sure why...maybe we felt it wasn't something we really needed. Or maybe we thought it was way too expensive to have. Maybe it was because I've never seen china that I love. I wasn't very sad about it, until recently.

When we were out East for Thanksgiving, we ate on the most beautiful antique china. I coveted. It belonged to the Jorgensens, but how they came to own this china is a pretty cool story. 

There was an inactive lady in their ward whose home was full of perfectly preserved items. Her deceased husband was a pilot, so they had things from all over the world. When she finally passed away, her apartment needed to be cleaned out. This couple never had any children, so the wife's sister came out, recruited some help from the ward (i.e. Amy), and told her to do whatever she wanted with it. Amy sold many things for her, but she was able to keep the china. 

The china pattern, "Ranson" is made by Haviland. The china dates from 1870's-ish to 1930's. It is a beautiful white, simple pattern with a scalloped edge. It is super thin and delicate. Here are some pictures:

I have so many memories of using china as a child. I loved to pull the china out of the hutch, polish the silver, set the table, and have a fantastic meal. China is pretty nostalgic for me. Maybe that's why I never wanted it earlier--a new set has no memories, no meaning. For whatever reason, I feel like this set does--maybe because it has had a previous owner with their own set of memories, maybe because it has been dined on before, or maybe because I finally have a wonderful memory with this china. For whatever reason, I WANT IT. I FINALLY found a china set I love.

I've decided that I'm going to start collecting it. I'm reminded of the story told in general conference, where the wife saved her money from birthdays and different jobs to buy silver. That's my new quest. I'm saving up for this china. I've seen it on ebay and in our local antique mall, so I know its around. Plate by plate, I'll get it. And you are invited to dine with us as soon as I can afford a setting or two. 


buttercup said...

That china is beautiful! So simple and elegant and when you've collected it all you will have the memories of more than one family instilled in those dishes

The Jorgensens said...

I have come to absolutely LOVE the china. I never thought I would be a china person, but I can hardly wait til I can afford to add to our collection....maybe we can host the whole family for thanksgivings when we each have complete sets...

austinamasandra said...

You are too funny!! Hope you get your china...& remember that it was precious because of how she treated it! Amo-te menina...Tive inveja quando vi as fotos do almoco com as outras sisters!