Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas, the real deal.

Jayson and I had been looking forward to spending Christmas in our own home. We'd been talking about things we'd done growing up and were looking forward to establishing our own traditions.

However, a few days before Christmas we changed our minds. We decided to cash in some of our skymiles and go see family in Portland. We didn't tell anyone up there, and committed everyone here to secrecy. Since this was a last minute trip, we had some things to work out.

We decided to open all of our gifts before we left. Our flight was on December 24th at 3:00, but we didn't have any idea how the roads or airport would be so we decided to leave pretty early. We didn't want to be rushed in the morning either, so we decided to open our gifts to each other the night before and then let the morning be about Mae. Jayson gave me a BOSCH--the most amazing mixer known to man. This thing is so amazing, I'll have to have a separate post about it soon. I was going to give Jayson our wedding album, but it hadn't come in the mail so I made him a slide show and told him he could get it after Christmas. It was a sweet night for us.

We laid out Mae's gifts and were stoked to see her open them in the morning. She loved all of her gifts--everyone was so generous to Mae!

We found her that train set at the dollar section at Target. I know trains are traditionally a boy gift, but...oh well!

She got this sweet puzzle from Grandpa and Grandma Edwards, and that amazing African shirt from Grandpa and Grandma Livingstone.

She also got this popcorn popper things from Grandpa and Grandma Edwards. She thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

After Mae opened her gifts, we ran to Target on our way out of town to get p.j.'s. I love the p.j. tradition--everyone gets new jammies on Christmas Eve. I found these sweet sock monkey p.j.'s for Mae and I. Mae's were HUGE, but they were the only pair in Utah, so they were going to have to due.

Here we are modeling them on Christmas morning.

We taught Mae "heart and souls."

We had traditional strata for breakfast, opened gifts, and lounged around for most of the day. Finally we got ready (put Mae in her sweet African shirt), had delicious steak for dinner, and then headed over to some friends to exchange gifts.

Mae LOVED all the attention from Grandpa and Grandma Edwards.

The next day, the Edwards took me downtown to my 2 favorites, Powells (the largest independent book store in the nation), and E-Sans (my FAVORITE Thai place). We wandered around downtown and I was reminded, yet again, how cool Portland is.

The next day, we went on an excursion. Based on the pictures below, where do you think we are going?

A. Multnomah Falls
B. Mt. Hood
C. The Beach
D. The Gorge

If you said "C. The Beach", you win!

I made Jayson promise me before we went to Portland that he would take me to the Coast. I've always heard how amazing and beautiful it is, and in all of our trips to Portland we'd never made it. Well, once we got to Portland, time was pretty hard to come by, and getting all together was even harder. I started to feel guilty for being so selfish in my desires to go to the beach. I told everyone it wasn't a big deal and that I'd rather spend time together. That was the truth--I really wanted to spend time together but I was pretty bummed that I still wasn't going to see the beach, yet again. I think everyone could tell I was bummed, because they insisted on taking me to the beach. We had such a great time, I am SO thankful that they were so kind to me.

Here are Joy, Katy, and I. We ran out to the point to see Haystack rock, but it was so ridiculously windy, cold, and slippery that we snapped off this picture and ran back to our car!

To recover from the cold, we went into Cannon Beach to a place called Fireside restaurant. Deb and Mae snuggled by the fire. I got a bowl of clam chowder that was the size of my head. It was HUGE. And mmm, mmm, mmmm.

We then went exploring all the local shops. Almost everything in town was on sale (thank you winter!), but we only found a few things we loved.

We stopped by the candy shop and picked up some salt water taffy, and I found my new love, seafoam candy.

Mae had a great time wandering around. I think her favorite was the candy store. Can you blame her?

It was such a neat place and I am so grateful we got to go. I really think we need to rent a house for a week in Cannon Beach this summer. Anyone want to join me?

Our trip came to an end all too quickly; we wish we could have stayed longer. It was so much fun to be in Portland with the Edwards for Christmas!


The Jorgensens said...

When we were in Portland we spent a week one summer at Rockaway beach. We were right on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It was soooo fun. The Portland coast is never really swim suit weather, but so fun to play in the sand and explore the tide pools. We would LOVE to come spend a week at the coast with you. I can't believe you didn't stop at the Tilamook Creamery for some BROWN COW!!!!! How did you miss that one? I have a pavlovian response just to the word mouth is watering right now. I would give just about anything for a night by myself wandering around long as I didn't have to park in their ridiculous parking garage. Got my first ding on my minivan in that garage. I'm so glad you had fun. Portland is such a great place....

SNSsoup said...

Looks like you guys had a gr8t time in Portland, and I'm jealous you got to go see the beach- even if it was cold and windy. I LOVE Mae's little top your parents sent over from the CONGO. It's soooo darling! I bet Mae will have hours of endless fun playing with her new ball popping toy. Noah could never get enough of it when he was younger. Be careful though- I started finding other toys of his in it- he'd try to make those pop out too.

shannon said...

Please make note of my comment on your "neighbor gifts" post.
I am a little obsessed, and serious.

Elisa said...

How fun!! I love last minute excitement like that. Looks like you had a blast. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!! Portland looks fun - I have to go there someday.