Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mae wears overalls and ponies

Mae's hair is getting long enough that we can do some things with it. But, Mae only lets them stays in for 3 minutes, tops. I love the ponies, Jayson doesn't. We really just need to let it grow a little more before it will really work.

We all worked in the cellar this week. It's been getting pretty stuffed, and needed to be cleaned out. So we all got on our work clothes and headed down, and boy did we get a lot accomplished.


The Watsons said...

First, I'm a nerd and I have to correct you. (Kim would do it first if she read this!) It's "ponies" with one N. Sorry.

And *I* think she looks ADORABLE! Do it every day and eventually she'll give up and leave them in. AUGH!!! I WANT TO EAT HER!!!

austinamasandra said...

Mae looks adorable. Overalls are THE cutiest on kids. I thinks it's so cute how exited you get over pig tales, Emma was born with so much hair I think I could have given her pig tales since day 1.