Thursday, January 10, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl

Did you watch the game? It was lame. Lame, lame, lame. We won, yes...but I don't think we deserved it. We played horribly and got the luckiest break in the world. Alas, a win is a win, and a party is a PPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAARRTY!

We went to Vegas for in 2005 and 2006 for bowl games, and were so close to going this time. For whatever reason we decided not to, and I think we had a lot more fun at home. Since we planned on going, we had purchased some swank Cougar gear for Mae (last year she wore this).

This year she was totally decked out. Those cougar paws came from our dear friend Dr. Black, who made sure to tell us that they were NOT anatomically correct.

I had bought some sweet Cougar gear, but I decided to take it back. I can think of so many other things to buy for $60. Sorry Jayson has his eyes closed, but its the only picture of the two of us I have.

Toby and Denise came, and for one night decided to be Cougar fans. Toby made the most delicious wings I think I've ever had.

I made these ghetto-delicious bacon appetizers, and baked beans. We L-O-V-E these beans and are always thinking of an excuse to devour their fat-laden goodness. We actually served these beans at our wedding. Here they are baking:

Everyone thought those bacon wrapped club crackers would be nasty, but here is the plate after about 3 minutes. Jayson (who made the biggest stink about them) didn't even get to try one.

Jayson made brots. Jayson loves brots, I say I don't care for them (but I loved these ones), so we don't make them very often. The game was the perfect time for them to come out.

Since we weren't sure at that point whether we'd got to Portland for Christmas or not, Jayson had to make Marcella's famous chex mix. I think I made some comment about chex mix being 80's ghetto (like my bacon appetizers), and I don't ever think I'll live it down.

Toby and Denise found these mugs/shirts on sale super cheep. They picked them up for J and Toby to wear. Don't they look great?

They also bought these mini mugs for Denise and I. They looked sweet next to the mammoth mug.

Just so you get a sense of how big that mug is, here is Mae taking a sip. Notice its almost her size?

Mae also decided how she feels about long brown neck bottles and rootbeer.

We ate and ate, and watched some boring football in between. Finally it was time for UCLA to kick the game winning field goal. But BYU pulled out big and blocked the kick, and the entire room jumped up. They couldn't believe it!

Drew and Jared were laughing. I think there was a moment when one of them pointed at the t.v. and yelled "suckers!"

But doesn't Jayson's face say it all?

What a fun night! Are you getting the idea that we'll find any excuse to party? And EAT?


janae said...

First, the food pictures make me feel HUNGRY!! I am a huge baked beans fan. Yummmmm... Oh, and how old was Mae in last year's picture? She can't have been much more than a month, right? THAT is why I need to take photography classes. I thought babies under 2 months could only look cute in pictures where they are sleeping. Otherwise they look like zombies. I just got proven wrong, though. She looks so sweet. Maybe I'll get lucky and get normal looking pictures for #3! :)

austinamasandra said...

You always knew how to throw a PARTY!!! The food looks GREAT!

buttercup said...

We had our own similar style party up in a conference Room in the McKay building. So we watched it on a huge projector screen which was cool and we brought lots of food and games to play to keep those in the family who aren't the biggest sports fans happy (That would be me and half the kids.) BUT we all LOVE BYU and we LOVE spending time with Dad so it makes it all worth it!

SharTrevHarp said...

fun times. any reason to party is a REASON TO PARTY! reminds me that it's been awhile since we've had one--need to get on that! :) You look great, Heidi, by the way! HOT.