Sunday, July 1, 2007

what a week!

These last few weeks have been a riot! All my siblings cae into town for one last reunion before my parents left. We had 33 people all under one roof and there was not a moment of silence to be found. We had such a blast--the goodbye party for my parents, swimming at the scera, swimming at the felsteads, my niece Sarah's baptism, baby Stella's blessing, the setting apart and so much left over pasta salad we could barf. But wait, we all did that too. In the end I think about 10 of us got a 24-hour flu bug. It wasn't pretty.

Mae Mae and GG

So sleepy in the pool. I actually fell asleep.

Finally I get to meet cousin Stella

baby Stella, Kendra, Grandma, Heidi, and Mae

Oh delicious ring of frosting...

Mae and one of her favorite uncles, Kevin. We wish he lived closer.

Mae and her sweet aunt, Amy. We really wish she lived closer.

Uncle Kirk likes me.

Mae loves the grass.

On Thursday, Kendra, Drew and I drove President and Sister Livingstone (aka mom and dad) up to the airport and sent them to DR Congo. I think they were pretty terrified on the drive up, but took courage when they saw the other 100+ mission presidents checking in for their flights. Finally we reached airport security and it was our cue to go. We took our last pictures, gave our last hugs and kisses and said goodbye! We watched as they walked a little ways, waved, walked a little more, waved some more, walked, waved, until we could only see their waving hands through all the people. bonne chance (good luck) mom and dad, bonne chance!

I can't wait until I get one of these!

At the early!

President and Sister Livingstone!

To make my sisters and i feel better, we all went for a dose of retail therapy at the outlets in Park City. We had a fabulous time and admittedly all felt a little better after we had spent some money (thank heavens for patient husbands). We then went to the cabin and relaxed for awhile. It was nice to escape reality for at least one evening.

my sweet dreamers at the cabin

Saturday my friend Karrie and I threw a fun shower for our friend Lori. We had found the cutest puppets at Micheals; they are part of the Martha Stewart craft line, but we were pretty sure we could re-create our own. So we made some templates but also told people to make whatever they wanted. We were so impressed at peoples creativity and their ability to make darling puppets. Our one friend made a cheetah! so cute!

Here was the puppet table. So fun, I love puppets.

And the food...I love orange rolls.

So now its Sunday and I'm just getting ready for the upcoming week. We are excited for the fourth of July and then for our trip to Toronto!! Wahoo!


the Ricks said...

My word, I cannot believe your parents are already gone! The best of luck to them, and to you without your mom around! :o)

austinamasandra said...

I'm so excited for your parents...they're gonna LOVE IT!
Miss you guys TONS!