Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter party

For those of you who may not know, I love Harry Potter. Two years was a long time to wait for the 7th book. I was so pleased when the day finally arrived. So happy that we went to a party and I dressed up.

This is me. I really wanted to dress up in an original costume, and I finally stumbled across Tonks as I was rereading books 5 and 6. I thought she would be fun. Tonks can change her appearance at will, and is often entertaining Harry and others by changing her face. She also had hot pink hair, but could change whenever she wanted. Anyway, I had my wig, a pig snout, a duck snout, my cape, and I made a little sign on my shirt that said "tonks." I turned a lot of heads at the party; lots of people told me how cleaver the costume was. It was a lot of fun.

Katy also dressed up as a nasty death eater. Her roommate even drew a dark mark on her. She was seriously freaky.

We couldn't decide if Mae should be a little prisoner at Azkaban, or a baby Harry. So we made her both.

Here's Katy and a dementor. That was really creepy.

We also got copies of book 7 for our employees, since we're all such die hards. Here is Drew waiting in line. It was so unorganized when it was time to pick up our books. I'm just glad we had it by 12:15.

Oh yes!! I was so excited to finally have it in my hands. The party we were at wasn't too awesome, so we were so happy it was done and we could get what we'd come for.

Here we all are...Jared, me, Drew, Katy, Joy, and Mae even had a copy. She made it almost the whole party, but zonked out at 11:50.

Here is Joy with her copy. She was talking to someone, probably in another time zone to brag that she had her copy.

So once we all got our books, it was a reading frenzy. I knew I had to finish over the weekend, so I got to it right away. And then I just couldn't put it down. I finished that Sunday around roughly 39 hours after I got it. I could have done it faster.

Just for the record, I really liked it. We all knew what was going to happen in the 7th book, but I felt like she still kept me guessing and introduced enough new things to make it interesting. I'm sad its over, but so glad Harry Potter has been a part of my life.


carey said...

Darcie cryed at the end just because it was the last one. I'm going to start reading them to Patrick - I think he'll love them as much as we do.
PS-I like your cover better than the one published in Canada.

littlepuka said...

That stupid kid is in my going to curse him.