Saturday, February 16, 2008

sous chef: mae

Mae is always interested in what is going on, especially if it is happening in the kitchen. If Jayson or I are cooking, she comes right on over, steps on our feet, and whines until we pick her up and put her on a chair next to us. She loves it when we put on her apron and let her be a part of the action. I think we have another foodie in the family.

The other day she helped make peach dump cake. Come along for our culinary journey!

The first step: dump a box of cake mix into a dutch oven. Or beautiful red pot. Whatever you got.

See how expertly she dumps? Ok, so she is really holding an empty box and this picture is staged, but I believe she really did dump the cake mix in the beginning.

Add some canned peaches and some soda, and you have the perfect boy scout desert (served at all of Jayson's camp outs with his scouts).

Mae says, "It looks like we're ready to put it into a 350 degree oven. But wait!"

"First, we must make see how it tastes.... "

"And, ummm...."

"This cake is delicious! Perfect! I approve, Dad. And, its a good thing I put my whole hand in the pot to tie me over until its done baking!"

We can't believe how quickly Mae is growing up and how much she is able to contribute. I am really happy she loves to be a part of the action, because I feel like I might actually be teaching her things she needs and likes to learn. Lets hope that continues!


Heather Telford said...

So random but I craved Jdawgs for the past month and we have the worst luck because the last 3 times we've gone there between 5-6 they are sold out!! :(:( You guys are way to popular!! :) but there worth it so ill keep trying I guess... :) LOL!!

a housewife but not so desperate said...

I'm glad I posted a comment on the Smoot's blog today and then subscribed to follow up comments because that's how I found your blog. Mae is crazy big already and super cute. Congrats on the weight loss...we saw Jayson a few months ago and he was looking good too...yay for blogs!

meagan said...

Hi Heidi, I just found your site off of Bridgets- your daughter is darling. I love that she is a foodie!

Elisa said...

How old is Mae? She is too cute. Way to let her cook with you. You are a great mom!

chloe elizabeth said...

A Nikon D40 with a 50 mm/1.8 lens. My only beef is that the lens doesn't auto-focus on my camera...but since it's digital, I just take a bunch of shots.

Roberts Family said...

Hey Heidi,

Thanks for you response on my blog, you are so sweet, I was also so excited to see pictures of your precious little Mae, she's absolutely adorable!!

Mark said...

She's a cutie that Mae.