Friday, February 15, 2008

blog it.

Jayson refuses to contribute to our blog. Its ok too, because its my thing. I mean, I would love it if he would post every now and then, but I'm not hurt or offended that he doesn't want to blog.

But what cracks me up is he insists I take pictures of things, and instructs me to "blog it." I think most of the time he's making fun of me, but sometimes he is really in the case of the photo below.

We have no idea who these men are.

We saw them at Costco. They are napping while, presumably, their wives are shopping. Or maybe they found the furniture to be amazingly comfortable. Whatever happened, Jayson thought it was so funny that he had to take a picture of it. And he requested that I share it with you. It is pretty funny...two guys napping in Costco?!

But I'm sure Jayson's version of this story would have been much funnier. Do you all want to hear from Jayson?


Scotty and Deb Edwards said...

I do! I do!

the Ricks said...

Okay, that is hilarious. I must go to Costco at the wrong times because I miss all the fun! :) Oh, and I wouldn't mind hearing from Jayson every once in a while. He's funny.

k e n d r a said...

Seth and I started our blog together, he even insisted on the colors and layout, but he just informed me last week that it's "my thing" now and he's no longer posting....yet he is always suggesting things to blog about AND sometimes he edits my posts!!!! They are undercover bloggers, these men of ours!

chloe elizabeth said...

So funny. Justin totally does this to his wife (and me).

Mark said...

That is pretty funny. C'mon Jayson, let's hear from you too.!