Friday, February 22, 2008

some people...

I was out getting frozen yogurt tonight with Joy. I ran into an old friend. Here's our conversation:

Heidi: Hi Mark (name changed)

Mark: Hey! How are you?

Heidi: I'm great, how are you?

Mark: I'm good. Have you met my wife?

Heidi: no, I haven't....

Mark: She's right here

Heidi: (waiting for introduction, acknowledgment, ...anything). Hi, wife. I am Heidi, what is your name?

Meridith: "Meridith" (scowling)

Heidi: (uhhhh, okay. No smile...nothing).

Meridith: How do you know Mark?

Heidi: J Dawgs

Mark: High School

Heidi: well, both I guess

Meridith: Oh, Mark is always telling me about J Dawgs...(sweet, a loyal customer)...He is always telling me that I need to go...(that's nice, I'm flattered)...and I say "no way"...(excuse me?)...I totally HATE hot dogs...(huh? what? hold on here)...I think they are so gross...(did I just hear that right?)

friend with them: OH! Give me five! I totally hate hot dogs too. I think they are so nasty. I don't know how anyone eats them.

Mark: Heidi owns J Dawgs.

Heidi: Um, yeah I do.

Meridith and friend: (despite hearing that we OWN a hot dog stand and make our living selling hot dogs, continue talking about how much they hate hot dogs).

wife of friend: I don't like hot dogs either, but I love J Dawgs. They are the only ones I'll eat (finally, someone with something positive to say).

Heidi: yeah, a lot of people say they don't like hot dogs but they like J Dawgs actually.

Meridith: Oh, not me. I really don't like hot dogs...(is there a reason she keeps insisting she despises my entire life?)

Heidi: (still baffled) ok, well, see you later. Sure was nice to meet you.

I should have got her number because I'm sure we'd be best friends. We totally hit it off.

Actually, I hope she chokes on a piece of lettuce.

Some people....


buttercup said...

Some people have no social graces. Regardless of how she feels about hot dogs, she could have made pleasant conversation for 2 minutes!

chloe elizabeth said...

Um, first of all, I don't trust people who don't like hot dogs. I almost married one and that was a bad idea.

Second, J-dawg's are fantastic. They are right up there with Casper's (but totally different), which is saying a lot.

Third, I feel sorry for Meredith because she's obviously very insecure.

Chelsea said...

Maybe she thought putting her foot further in her mouth would cover for her huge social faux pas?

janae said...

Okay, so at first I'm thinking "Oh, the wife doesn't realize that Heidi is married and she is the jealous type." But then I expected the wife to be humiliated when the husband said that you own J-Dawgs. Wow. People can still really shock me!! Well, I for one think that J-Dawgs is one of the top 10 tourist sites of the state. :)

SharTrevHarp said...

you wonder how these people make it through life with such few manners!!??--

austinamasandra said...

Only to you! (did I spell that right or is it wright - notice the irony)

Rich Bennett said...

That's hilarious