Thursday, February 28, 2008

pink kitchen

I was at the antique mall today, and I found the most amazing kitchen set. All I can say is PINK! It reminded me of my sis-in-law, Jess, so I had to take some pictures. Then I thought maybe there are some closet vintage pink lovers out there, so I thought I'd share with everyone.

Here is a general overview of the pink kitchen. On the left is a fridge circa 1930s which they said would be a great cupboard for linens or dishes. Clever.

So so so many pink bowls, plates, cups, utensils, etc.

I loved these old ads. Pink chiffon pie? Also notice the box of pink foil below the pictures.

This ad was my favorite. (Ads were $30 each)

By far my favorite part of the collection was the pink formica table, including a leaf. Look at the design! Only $125.

The set also had 5 iron and vinyl chairs. ($200 for the five chairs)

I love the antique mall. And I love this kitchen.


Jessi said...

Oh my adorable table! That is my new favorite thing. My green vintage table wants to make love to the pink one. They would have such cute little t.v. trays. Thanks for thinking of me, Heidi, I love it!

SharTrevHarp said...

wow. wow. wow.
absolutely pink-tabulous! I was never into pink until I was about 24 & then I was like "hey, pink is FUN" :) Thanks for posting these pics, now we can all dream of our own "cinderella" kitchen...!

Chelsea said...

I want that!