Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blogger, pleh.

Sometimes I sit down in the middle of the day to blog, and I feel totally justified doing it even though I know there are a million other things I really should do (grocery shop, dishes, clean up from yesterdays catering job, my taxes that I have committed to finish before March 15th, etc).

I sit down, upload the pictures from my camera, find the right image to use, compose the message in my head, and open up blogger. I go to upload my image, but...nothing. Blogger freezes. I freeze.
What? What's happening here?

Are there too many people on blogger in the afternoon? Is it a problem with my internet? My computer? Has Jayson rigged it all so I'll be more productive during the day? What?

Does this happen to anyone else? Do blogger and I need to stick to our midnight rendezvous?


buttercup said...

I have the same problem uploading images. I never considered that my husband might have rigged it so that I can't do it!. . .

sarah said...

You could try switching to wordpress, which is also free and I really like it. Or typepad...which is also great but is 4.95 a month. I think it's pretty easy to export/import your blog to another site.

By the way---we're often out in the backyard from 1pm on....bring Mae over! There's lots of snow and mud at the moment (always fun! our motto is: "if you're dirty, you had a good day!).