Sunday, August 26, 2007

the other derby

After we had such a great time at the Heber Derby, we told everyone about it. Our friends all thought it sounded like a great idea, so we rounded up some people from our neighborhood and headed out to the Juab County Demolition Derby.

These kids were all about it. It was pretty cute, I think there were about 10 standing at the railing by the time the derby was done.

Here is some of the crew: Alisa Sumsion, Heather and Stan, and Steve Sumsion.

Chance and Chelsea, a new couple in our neighborhood came too. She's having a girl in a few months. YEAH for baby girls!

Mae really loves her dad. REALLY loves him.

But now she just wants him to leave her alone so she can watch. She did a little better at this one then the Heber Derby. I think its because these cars actually had mufflers.

Alisa caught a shirt. That's a keeper for sure!

Karrie and Jack were having a blast playing around. Jack has really become quite a socialite.

Seriously, social. For a few good months, he'd cry whenever he was around me. Now he poses for me and everything. I'm really happy with the progress we've made, Jack.

Unfortunatly for me, it looks like Jack has another female interest. He found this cute girl there and was playing with her all night. It was really cute, I just wanted to take lots of pictures. But the girls dad kept giving me dirty looks, so....

Gosh we're happy to be at another derby! We'll have to make it an annual tradition for our family. The Juab DD didn't have a herby heat, which we really missed, or a truck heat which we REALLY missed. Speaking of trucks, we saw a Ford F650 there, which I had never seen. It was GIGANTIC. The pictures didn't turn out, but the bed of the truck was taller then Jayson. I hope I see another one in my lifetime. Well folks, there really isn't anything like small town Utah and demolition derbies. If you haven't experienced it, please let us be a part of your first experience. We'd love to be there for the car smashing goodness.

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