Wednesday, August 8, 2007

day of the pig

It was that time of the year again: day of the pig. Jayson's best friends put on a 5 star event each year centered around our little pig friends. They thought it would be fun to put on a barbecue, and serve only pork products. For those of you who think that sounds silly, you've obviously never been to the day of the pig and therefore don't know what you are missing out on. This was the fifth (or maybe sixth, I never got the story straight) year, and from what I understand it just gets better and better each year. These men are serious about their pork products. There is an all night vigil of smoking, roasting, mopping, marinating, etc. It is pretty much like Christmas.

Here is the flier from this years day of the pig. The slogan is so appropriate. I left happier then I'd been in awhile.

Disclaimer: if you are faint of heart of don't like to see where your meat comes from, you probably shouldn't look at this post.

The first year, they (Jeremy, Justin, and Brian) roasted a whole pig, but it got destroyed before anyone could sample it. Since then, a whole pig hadn't been attempted. Jayson couldn't resist the idea of a whole pig, so he did some research and found one for $1.79/pound. So it was delivered to our house and sat in a cooler in our kitchen for a few days. That was a little awkward. Finally it was time to remove him (or her?) from his saran wrap cocoon and see what we couldn't make of him. Jayson is a happy man.

This next picture is pretty intense....

I was at the store when this all went down, but Jayson called me and told me what he had to do to butterfly it, so it could fit on the grill. Do you see that saws-all in the left of the picture?

But the pig was butterflied and gracefully put on this amazing barbecue we borrowed from our friend Clint. We put some wood chips in too, just to give it some smokey flavor goodness.

Complete with the apple in the mouth. Jayson safety pinned the ears over the eyes, because he was creped out by it.

Here Jayson is with his masterpiece. It was an all day affair, but I haven't seen him so happy in awhile. Who knew pork could do that to a man? His whole pig was a hit. They also had greek souflaki, jamacian jerk pork, carolina pulled pork, bacon wrapped jalapenos, pork tacos, and so many more, I can't remember. It was so delicious.

Mae found some friends to play with. Left to right--Brooklyn, Mae, and Abby. These girls have seen quite a bit of each other, but they still didn't share their toys with each other.

Here is Mae with her auntie Denise. Mae loves Toby and Denise; we especially think she has a crush on Toby.

Anytime we would put Mae on the grass, she would freak out. She didn't like the feel of it, and would find any way to avoid touching it. It was actually pretty amusing.

Well, here is the pig that just kept on giving. We had a few stragglers at the end, and the pig just kept on giving out delicious meat for our friends. Jayson was so happy, he could kiss the pig. We can't wait until next year for day of the pig. That means you have to come back from Japan, Jeremy.


SharTrevHarp said...

wow wow wow
the pics are great (& gross) --i never heard of Day of the Pig in Provo--looks like a blast & reminds me of something we have around here: Barbeque on the River...whenever you want to taste some real southern BBQ flava's, come on down! ;) I've got a perfect place for you to stay...:)

littlepuka said...

That picture of may is so looks like baby boot camp..drop and give me 20 mae!

littlepuka said...

oops MAE not may. my bad