Monday, August 20, 2007

Joy's classroom

If I could, I would go back to first grade just so I could be in Ms. Edwards classroom! It is so fabulous. Joy, my sweet sister in law is teaching first grade at Hill Crest Elementary in Orem. I was floored at all the requirements for her room...a library, a listening station, a writing station, a carpet area, a guided reading station, a welcome door, and on and on. She has worked so hard on her room. She just had her open house and met some of her 16 new favorite little kids.

Here is Ms. Edwards in her own room! Doesn't she look like she belongs there?

This is her "welcome door." We pulled it together in about 45 minutes right before the open house. It was quite a miracle, especially because Joy only got her class list that morning. All her boys are on apples, and her girls are on flowers. Yes, she only has 5 girls, and 11 little boys. Why does that just make me want to laugh?

This is the area right in front of her carpet area. She has to do the date every morning. She also has some counting things, and of course, her flag.

This is her desk area. She is still figuring out what to do on the wall beside her desk. Behind her desk is the "star of the week." This week is going to be Ms. Edwards. You can also see the adorable chair covers. Deb, our mom, made these for all of the chairs. They have a little pocket so the kids can put the books they're reading in them.

This is her favorite part. It was so sweet, one of her little kids asked her "did you get those chairs from Ikea?" A first grader! We laughed and laughed.

This is the word wall, and the guided reading station, and the alphabet above the cupboards. Katy colored the alphabet. We should really get a close up, because she did such a killer job.

This is the view from behind Joy's desk. Her room has both a boys and girls bathroom. How sweet would that be? We're so excited for her to start school TOMORROW! wow!


the Ricks said...

So I didn't check your blog for just a few days and *POW!* I'm way behind! As usual, I love the pics. You took three things I would normally be thrilled by (girl's camp, demolition derbies, and first grade), and made them look absolutely thrilling! I guess thats the mark of a good photographer. You are so great! :)

Ruth Grey said...


The classroom is perfect. You are totally crafty, organized and gifted.

May is a doll - very cute.

love the updates!