Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heber Derby!

Wow. That's about all I can say, is wow. We have found a new love. Demolition Derbies. Wow. Who knew it could be so much fun to watch cars smash the junk out of each other. The roar of the muffler-less engines, the stink of leaking gasoline, and the company of white trash. We felt so alive.

The Heber Demolition Derby is a fundraiser for the Wasatch County Search and Rescue. Since my incredibly brave and heroic brother, Kirk, volunteers with S & R, he gets wicked sweet seats each year. So this year, we met up with Tricia, Jake, Josh, Sara, Anne and Drew. Have I mentioned how amazing it was?

Drew looked oh-so-so-sweet. He wore his pearl snappy and borrowed Dad's stetson. He almost fit right in. almost.

Joshy and Mae played quite a bit. Joshy is so sweet with Mae and she adores him, as you can see from her smiling face.

So cute!
This looks like the proudest moment of this families life; picking up the cars off the track at the demolition derby. Look at them all jammed in the cab of this truck. So funny.

Drewby and Anne at the derby. They loved it.

Josh looks like he is in the witness protection program.

Mae's favorite heat was the powder puff heat. Or maybe the herby heat. She was a great sport.

Look how excited Dad is. Mae is more excited the camera's out again.
Anne, you look so dang sweet.

We were one happy family at the derby.

Just for the record, Jayson has already asked to reserve tickets for next year. So if you are sad you missed the derby this year, let us know and we'll try and find you a spot next year.


littlepuka said...

Heck yes i want to go. little dissapointed i missed out this year. i make a great red neck.

k e n d r a said...

Oh so sad that we missed it this year. Do you know almost every small town in Utah does a derby? You could go to a different one almost every weekend if you did it right- Price is especially good. Lot's of bruncles there- that means he's your brother and your uncle! classic!!!