Monday, August 27, 2007

how do you discipline a 9 month old

Mae has a new trick. She stands up really well in her crib. Well, one Sunday Jayson, Mae and I were taking a nap. We heard Mae wake up, but she seemed to be entertaining herself just fine so we let her play for awhile. When I finally ventured in there, I found out why she'd kept so quiet.

We found this really cute thing called a "wallie." It is essentially wallpaper, but its in the shape of something. Mae's wallie is a tree. Anyway, she found out that if she got her hands under it just right and pulled, it would rip. So she started ripping off her wallie.

Here is the result.

Here's the princess and her handywork. But really, how could you be mad at that? I guess the most frustrating thing was that I couldn't really do anything about it. It had been way too long; the moment to discipline her would have been right after it happened. And besides, how do you discipline a nine month old anyway?

Really, when it comes down to it, I could have prevented this from happening but just getting up. I guess I've learned my lesson. But everyone with kids, I'm sure, is just telling me that I had it coming. I'm not sure why I even intend on having nice things. But believe me, the sacrifice is worth it. Mae is way way way cuter than her wallie.


SNSsoup said...

Wow! Like you Heidi, I don't think I would have ever imagined Mae would think to rip the "Wallie" off the wall!!! She's pretty intense about fine details if she figured out she could peel the tree off- I think most kids, and even adults (myself included) would have just assumed it was painted on there and there was no way to remove it unless you painted over it! Perhaps Mae will be an interior decorator as she gets older. Good luck with the disciplining- I think that's a issue that stumps every parent. :) Mae is totally adorable by the way.

The Jorgensens said...

I SOOOOO know what you are talking about...check out Megan's most recent adventure on her blog... let's just say it involves my MAC eye shimmer and the carpet in our room...I've never figured out what to do about truely innocent children and actions that drive you CRAZY...The best thing to do is blog about it, I guess, so everyone else can get a good laugh at your expense (literally, it gets expensive!) :) Amy

Shannon Bousfield said...

This is SOOOO just the beginning of your kids destroying the nice things you have in your home! It's fine when they're cute and adorable, but trust me, it gets old real quick. And they don't grow out of it, either. I don't understand why I have to keep reminding my 10 and 8 year old to not walk down the hall and touch everything they can see on their way to the bathroom to wash their dirty hands after dinner! Arrgghh! It's going to make me crazy!!!

the Ricks said...

Well, that one gave all the moms something to talk about! You are absolutely right, if you go the first second you hear them, you will almost always prevent disaster. But will you do that every time? Probably not. So heres to many more frustrating but funny situations! :)

SharTrevHarp said...

i love this post. mae is adorable & why wouldn't she want to take the wallie off the wall--looks like a fun project to me! ;) ha.

Ryan Browning said...

Great blog, Heidi! I just now found your comment and discovered your blog. It's cool to see what you're up to--which from the looks of it is having a lot of fun and blogging like a maniac. I can't believe how much you've done!

great=grandpa GEE said...

Heidi, you are lookin svelt as a tigress! Keep up the good work. WW is a good organization. Only way Dorothy ever last weight and kept it off. Good diet for diabetics. Really like your blog site and the entries and photos. Mae is so darned cute and growing like a weed. Before you know it she will want to be borrowing the car! We love you guys and really enjoyed your recent visit. How did your hotdog venture at the stadium turn out? Keep those comments and photos coming!