Saturday, September 27, 2008

have i mentioned how much i hate my banner?

(i'm sure most of you never see it from google reader).

i need some help.


janae said...

yeah, most of the blogger banners are lame. I've been meaning to change mine for like three months, but it's still lame. Your blog it one was cute, though! Good luck coming up with a new one!

Shannon Bousfield said...

Cutest blog on the block. They aren't personalized, but they are better than what blogger offers.

Danielle said...


Thanks sooo much for your comment on my blog. It helped a lot to hear from you. I have been doing much better the past two days, and feel really supported by all the other stay-at-home mommy's!!!

Hey, by the way, I love your blog. One of my fav's!

Take care and hope to see you soon!!!!