Saturday, September 6, 2008


Mae loves the girly things--shopping, clothes, etc. A few weeks ago when we pulled up to the mall, she started yelling "yes, yes yes!"  Mercy, we're going to make a handsome (and expensive) duo.

She also loves makeup ("pretties"). If I am putting some on, she insists that she needs some as well. This is usually okay with me because I can give her stuff to put on that doesn't show up on her face. The problem we run into is when she finds my makeup by herself and decides to put it on. 

A few weeks ago it was mascara.

This week it was lip gloss.

Whenever I catch her in the act, she looks at me with that ridiculously cute grin and yells "pretty!" We laugh hysterically, take pictures, and then I have to pull myself together and try and help her understand that she can only do "pretties" with my help. Obviously our pep talk hasn't worked.

BTW, she figured out how to open both containers. And the lip gloss was much harder to get off.


Joy said...

I love playing pretties with Mae! Don't forget to tell everyone that she destroyed my blush this week too!

janae said...

Oh, wow! Makeup is hard enough to get off your own face, how did you get it off her?? I love that you took pictures. Mae is so cute!