Tuesday, September 23, 2008

for a good cause

I'd been asking, begging, pleading for a few years. But the answer was no every time. "Not until it comes out in hi-def," was Jayson's answer. I agreed, for the most part, but the horrible personality flaw of one-track-mindedness (is that a word?) got the best of me sometimes. Jayson had recently relented and told me that if they didn't announce a hi-def unit by Christmas, that we would get one. I was pretty satisfied with that.

But yesterday was amazing.

It was the school carnival for Hillcrest Elementary where Joy teaches. We had to go and support her because she's a rockstar. The best part of the carnival was the silent auction where we hovered for a few hours. Jayson and I each had our things we were bidding on. We didn't want to win many of them, but we really wanted to prices to go high so the school would earn a lot of money.

Near the end of the auction, I was especially hovering around the wii, wishing I could bid. And then I realized...if we're going to get one anyway, I would much rather buy it at the auction where I know the money will go to the school than to target. GENIUS! How could either of us resist supporting such a noble cause?

We won. We love it. I'm so tickled. And both Jayson and I have tennis shoulder today.

p.s. I won't even tell you how many auctions we won. Or how many rounds of golf Jayson will be playing here soon.


austinamasandra said...

Nothing like a good cause!!!! :)

Joy said...

you are the rock star! Thanks for all the support. You are both awesome!

Heather said...

We should get together and have a great tennis match and some Mario Kart racing!!