Saturday, October 4, 2008


General Conference weekend means mission reunions for Jayson and I. For Jayson's mission reunion this year, President and Sister Hart were looking to do something different, and Jayson suggested we do it at our house. We love parties, so we decided to make it happen.

We were really excited, but also quite intimidated about having President and Sister Hart at our home, as well as all of the missionaries. So it's been two full weeks of projects to get our house ready. We could have used two more.

If you're having a mission reunion at your house, you might:

Sand, prime, and paint your pillars and trim.
Sand, prime, and paint the bench you found in the garbage two years ago.
Paint the concrete that's been peeling for two years. We did all this to the front porch too.

Weed, weed, weed. Mow and edge the lawn. Transplant a few of your plants to new places. Fertilize.

Clean the back patio. You may not have found time to water seal the new fence.

You may also have not found a coffee table and rug that you could decide on.

But you might have FINALLY printed, framed, and hung family pictures.

And rearranged the living room furniture, again.

Painted the kitchen (Sorry Karrie, your wreath never made it back to your house. Do you want it back?)

(I love love love this color). "Quietude" by Sherwin Williams. Very similar to a color in the pottery barn catalog. The pictures don't do it justice.

We finally found a place to hang these windows. They'd been in my room for almost 2 years. I loved them, but we could never really find a place to put them. I like them in the kitchen.

We moved this desk and computer into the kitchen from the guest room. And hung the hubcap from Jayson's '53 chevy truck.

Cleaned the carpets. Don't judge us. They're disgusting, I know (this was the before picture).

And cleaned all of the closets, floors, baseboards, walls, doors, bathrooms, etc, etc. (no picture for this, sorry).

We changed Mae's room from a nursery to a toddler room. Big girl bed. No more snuggly rocking chair (it's moved to our room).

We hung Mae's alphabet (thanks K!), and set up a table and chairs for her to play at. (she loves it).

We served these adorable mini dawgs--half dawgs in their own little bun. They're so cute I could kiss them.

We also served the infamous baked beans, Laurie's salad (DELISH!), and strawberry lemonade. And desert? Smart Cookie.

I bought a few new dishes (they're not all new).

Tried new candy--candy corn kisses. Don't gag until you try them.

Then I kissed this man (how could I not?).

The reunion was a hit. I think everyone had a really good time, and we had a pretty good turn out.

And now...we're headed to the cabin to recover. I almost feel like our house should be for sale now or something, it's so beautiful and clean!


Garner Family said...

Every thing looked like it turned out so well. You guys were definatly busy!! I love Mae's little bed.
All Andie has been saying the past two days (right from the time she wakes up) is "Mae, Mae play"
She misses her already.

Bridget said...

Your house looks awesome. I agree with you on the paint color; it's beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person :)

janae said... When you said you were prepping the house to have the mission reunion there, I didn't even fathom how much you would do. Well it looks amazing!!! Kudos to things that inspire us to buckle down and get tons done!

Heather said...

the house looks GREAT! We spent the week before Lily's blessing getting the house cleaned and decorated but we did not go as far as you two. It only took us 18 months to finally hang pictures in our living room. It is nice to have an event that gets things moving that you just haven't gotten around to doing.

Maddy said...

i do not know how to say how much i absolutely LOVE your house. and mae's room...CUTEST room ever.i love your house.

Sharon said...

that is a TON of work! But it all looks fabulous! Sounds like you had a blast - planning to do it again next year?

erin said...

you guys for hire?

austinamasandra said...

Everything looks AMAZING!!! I LOVE what you did to Mae's room. You guys are crazy, that's all I have to say!

Jake Likes BYU said...

My favorite pic is when Mae is rocking in her chair(is it hers?).

shannon said...

ok i love your house!
i've been having a melt down day where i can feel the clutter crawling up my back! ah!
your place looks great!!!!!

The Livingstones said...

i love the blue in the kitchen! everything looks great. i think i need to hire you for some color consulting when we get around to painting the new place.

Sheli said...

Sounds like my month trying to get ready for Carter's baptism. Nothing like haven't a big event at your house to really get some stuff done! Your house looks always! Tell Jay that the fence and back patio look great. Sorry we missed you at the cabin. We saw your cars on the way out, but were running late getting home. Hope to see you soon. One of these days I will catch up on my blog and get all my projects posted.

k e n d r a said...

wow!!! i can't believe you guys did all of that. it looks amazing, and its so nice that you get to enjoy it. i always feel like its crazy when people fix their places up to sell and then don't get to live in the niceness! mae's room is the sweetest and i can't believe she's in a big girl bed. can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Gack! How did I miss reading this post?

Heides, I adore your house. You must know you're a genious. If not, let me tell you: you're a genious.

SOMEDAY we will own a house, and you will help me decorate it. K?