Wednesday, November 19, 2008

elder livingstone

elder livingstone (my favorite younger brother) went into the mtc today.

don't get me started on how much i miss him already.

seriously, this kid knocks my socks off. i love him dearly dearly. he's been one of my favorite people for pretty much ever. there aren't any siblings between us, so i always hung out with him and mothered him way too much. i couldn't help it, i just love the kid. now he's off to face the great big world. and he'll be a fantastic missionary. i'm so excited for him--being at the mtc today reminded me how much i adored the mtc. and my mission.

the good news is he started a blog. i posted today, but the posts should generally be written by him (posted by me). so you can all read his adventures as a missionary in the chile santiago east mission.

if you want to catch up on my parents mission, check it out here.

and if you ever want to be blessed beyond belief, send your parents and your younger brother on a mission. amen.


J Dawgs said...

Im a lucky man. Look at how beautiful my wife is!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Yeah, she is.

Congrats on the missionary - and I'm TOTALLY coming with you to Hawaii next time. Jayson loves me, don't you J?

janae said...

Oh, yay!! He is gonna love Chile! BTW, if you guys decide to pick him up, this is where you need to stay:

It's where my fam and the Hollands and everyone went for Christmas break every year. Not only is it amazing, but it is actually really cheap! (I think it's in the West mission, but that doesn't really matter.)

ps. you do look fabulous in that picture

Brandi,Dan & Lukas said...

I forgot to tell you that my cousin is on a mission in the Congo. Small world huh?

Sharalea said...

1. Heidi, you are HOT
2. YAY for drew!!! He is going to be a fabulous missionary!!
3. Awesome that you've set up a blog for him, can't wait to keep up! Missionary news is always uplifting.

Jake Likes BYU said...

I hope to see you soon.