Friday, July 25, 2008


Did you think I was kidding about standing on tables, chairs, etc and singing?

I love this girl.


Ruth Grey said...

What a cutie. There's nothing like being an aunt.

HILLARY said...

Megan's got the moves! I loved seeing you all in action. That's what family is for. Thank you for sharing that. Amy looks so good. I hope she posts soon!!!

Sharalea said...


Erin said...

Ok, I guess it's time to come clean - this is Erin, Nancy Livingstone's sister (we met a few times right after your mission) - and I am a blog stalker. I happened to click on your link on Nancy's blog a couple of weeks ago and was instantly hooked!

I am very interested in your weight loss...trying to do the same myself and struggling with it! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated (is that weird? To ask someone that you've met a few times to help you??). I think you are fabulous.

k e n d r a said...

stella is in love with this video!