Friday, January 8, 2010


today i woke up before my girls and read my scriptures (goal #1).

then i loaded them up and went to the marriott center and walked/ran for 45 minutes while pushing my girls in my $40 double jogger i found on classifieds (goal #2).

my meals today have been clean, healthy, made from scratch, made with what i had around, and perfectly balanced.

i just got back from walking to the library. i got my book club book, the odyssey (goal #5) and three books about cooking foods in season and grown at your local farmers market (goal #7). oh, and several books for mae. don't i usually buy books? maybe frugality should be a goal because i'm doing it so well.

later, i'm going to learn how to oil paint, do yoga, and sing kumbaya.

hello new years. good to see you. it will be sweet while it lasts.


j@nAe said...

How is it that you take such a normal thing (new years resolutions) and make it sound so fascinating? Good luck with your goals. For the record, I love yoga. And you made me laugh with the whole kumbaya thing. :)

sarah h said...

Heidi, thanks for the "survival chocolate". Just glad I get to survive eating chocolate while reading a book in my cozy bed.....instead of freezing out there in the mountains. :)

Your post is hysterical!

That Girl said...

I'm really wanting to facebook thingie "like this."

What version of the Odyssey did you get?

Harmony said...

Makes me wonder why I made no resolutions this year. I'm a lazy dog. But you- you are amazing!

Denise Robertson said...

You make me look lazy! Your going to have a fantastic year with your awesome resolutions.

Ruth said...

you make us look bad.

Elizabeth said...

I'm inspired.