Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I had a post all scripted in my head. It was all about whether I should cut my hair or not. I'm a short hair lover. Which you might think strange if you've only come to know me in the last couple months, because my hair is not short.

It's longer than it's been in at least 15 years, perhaps my whole life. It all started a couple years ago when I was going on and on about how much I love short hair, and how I think short hair looks better on me, etc. To which Jayson asked if I ever had long hair. Uh...not really. At least not when I knew anything about doing hair. So we both decided I should try it. For research, you know. I vowed not to cut until I had another child.

I kept good on my promise, but now my hair is driving me crazy and I'm ready to cut. I have all of the reasons ready to list off to you; why it's cheaper, easier, and sassier (I'm all about sassy).

But I have a dilemma. If I cut, I will look like everyone else. I swear everyone I know has short hair. Or maybe it just seems like everyone I know has short hair because I'm always admiring the bobs. Is it so bad to look like everyone else? Doesn't short hair rock? Don't I need it?

So I was searching for photos to show you what I looked like with short hair so you could give me your opinion. And I found my answer. I don't need to cut or not cut, I need to lose 30 pounds so my face is thinner again.

Thanks for solving my dilemma.

But then I found these two pictures and I have a new set of issues.

I miss this kid something fierce. I can't talk about it. I start crying. Work hard Drew, and then hurry your butt home.

And this........this...........this................. I can't talk about it. Then I might voluntarily offer limbs for someone to get me back to that island. And I kind of like my legs, especially my ankles.


Joy said...

I love your hair both ways! You look glam anyway you do it. You always look glam. You inspire me and I like that. When I see you and how passionate you are about becoming your best it makes me want to do better I know that I can do it too! Thanks for your encouragement and your example. You sassy thing you! Anyway you cut it you still have sass. That is a fact!

BigJ said...

I want to see the short hair photos! I only remember you with long hair. I have nothing to compare it to. However, I think a bob would be adorable on you.

Sharalea said...

I love the sass factor of short hair--I'm SO ready to cut mine. I've been growing it out for locks of love for the past year...almost there! (Plan is to cut it next summer/fall)

I do think long hair is fun, though--there are alot of things you can do with it to MAKE it sassy, ya know? And I'm always looking at your pics thinking "wow, she always knows how to make her hair look HOT!"

About your face: you just had a baby so you need to relax: YOU LOOK AWESOME! Seriously!!

Shelane said...

personally, i think we should have our next ward party on the island. all in favor?

j@nAe said...

This may sound bizarre, but I have actually noticed your ankles before, and I think they are really cute. You have very nicely cut, feminine ankles. This is what I get for having a mission comp (not you) who was worried about her supposedly fat ankles. Suddenly I became aware of something I'd never noticed before. :)

ps. I love your hair short. It really is so darling on you. But grow it if you must. I definitely understand!

SNSsoup said...

So that's it! I blame you for being the reason I cut my hair short in the M.T.C.! It was long and beautiful when I met you and 5 weeks later it was short and ugly! Thanks by the way- it took me almost the entire mission to grow out. ;-) You redeemed yourself though when you helped me dye it back to blond from the yucky black/brown/odd shade of green I colored it.

Keep your hair LONG! Seriously, you'll have a good 40+ years once you grow old to keep it short. Your hair looks beautiful long and I think it's suiting. Unlike Janae, I only faintly remember what your ankles look like, but I do remember your nice, long, lean neck- it reminds me of Cleopatras. I know that probably sounds a bit odd that I admire the length of your neck, but if you had a short neck like mine, you'd completely understand. Anyhow, I think that your long hair looks STUNNING with your nice long neck. Do NOT cut it Heidi. There's plenty of sassy things you can do with it- just ask your hairdresser- I'll bet she has some suggestions.

Carey said...

My two cents..
your long beautiful mane caused me some serious envy last month so I'd be happy to hear that you chopped it!! (insert my cacklin' giggle here)

luckily for Jason you are hot with long and short hair...

Ruth said...

I liked it short because it seemed to work with your features and face shape however long is very pretty and always nice to pull back.

Harmony said...

My question... it looks like you have a picture of yourself taking a picture of your long hair? Hm. I'm a bit confused by that one. When I think "Heidi" I definitely think short hair. It's totally you.

austinamasandra said...

I feel like I've been distrated my entire life, I never noticed your ankles or your neck I just remembet thinking how GORGEOuS you looked. Short or long hair you'll look BEAUTIFUL as ever. And I truly mean that! I know how you feel about missing someone that bad. He'll be back soon enough, better and more refined than ever!

Elizabeth said...

I still want to see pics of your short hair since I'm one of those that has only met you in the last two months.

I think you are gorgeous with long hair, but I am sure you would be equally gorgeous with short hair.

Because. you're. just. gorgeous.

darcie said...

I also love your hair both ways and think you look beautiful either way. I am seriously jealous of your thick, lovely hair and I think that you could be a hair stylist because you have a knack with always having great hair. I still can't curl my hair the way you told me and believe me I've tried and tried.

You have gorgeous hair long or short and if you do decide to cut it, it will always grow back. It might drive you crazy while it's growing back but it will come back.

darcie said...

Oh no, I forgot to tell you that I'm sorry that you are missing Drew. It's got to be hard to have him be gone for so long. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the time passes quickly.

k e n d r a said...

i think you should post more ankle pictures, oh la la they are cute!

if you're like me, you probably want to cut your hair because you are shedding it like crazy, post pregnancy molting, right? i cut my hair about that time because i was tired of cleaning it off the bathroom floor, and thought that it was shorter it would at least be less to clean up. i kind of regretted it, but only because i thought it was such a baby = new short hair cut. its finally long and i'm loving it.

you look beautiful both ways so your choice should be easy. i'm curious what jayson thinks. someone once told me that the reason guys don't want to get married is because they're afraid that their wife will cut her hair short. hahaha.