Friday, November 9, 2007

progress in the yard

I discovered this summer I enjoy working in my yard. There is such satisfaction in working hard and seeing things come together. I love it.

After we got our grass in, we wanted to do a few more things. We wanted to get the trees and shrubs in. It sounds simple, but it turns out trees and shrubs are pretty expensive. So we bought what we could and called it a season.

We planted 7 aspen trees, 3 kwanzan cherry trees, a peach tree, an eastern red bud, and a dwarf blue spruce . We also planted some burning bushes and the beginnings of a hedge.

We had an arborist come out and prune our chestnut and maple trees. They look so much better and healthier.

And then there were the bulbs. I love the spring (probably because I hate the winter) and look forward to the flowers peaking out of the snow. I purchased 260 bulbs and Deb helped me get them all planted. I was so grateful for her help; I'm experiencing quite a few firsts in my own yard, and she's helped me through them.

I just can't believe I have to wait 5 months to see these things bloom. I hope they're beautiful!


Ruth Grey said...
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Ruth Grey said...

I love the pictures. It's great to read updates. Love the Halloween pics.

Elisa said...

Your yard looks awesome. I hae not even ventured into doing anything special to my yard yet. I know if I start ... I will never stop, and who has that kind of time really? I know I don't. but keep up the good work. All those bulbs will look so beautiful in the spring. I am gong to have to come by and see...