Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our pigeon finds a hot dog

What a big day for our Mae Mae. She finally got her first J Dawg. She pounded it, and loved every bite. She didn't finish, but probably just because I took it away. Thats a lot of hot dog for a little girl!


SharTrevHarp said...

adorable! she should be on your advertising!

austinamasandra said...

Mae is just toooooo cute. I agree with Shara it would be great advertising!!!!!

President and Sister Livingstone said...

Makes me drool for a dawg just looking at it. The next time there's a shipment coming over to the Congo, freeze a package of both beef and polish, pack'em with some dry ice, and I'll be in 7th heaven. Even without the special sauce!!

Love -- Grandpa and Grandma Livingstone

P.S. -- Mom says I have got my priorities alllllllllll screwed up.