Tuesday, March 19, 2013

bedrooms + bathrooms

I posted about our new home's kitchen and living room earlier. Now I'll show you what we did to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The house has the master suite on the main level, and three bedrooms downstairs. 

All three rooms had one overhead light, but as I said before we are obsessed with can lights. So every room got a lighting makeover. It was tricky in some of the rooms because of ducting and plumbing, but our electrician was wonderful and did a fantastic job. 

The entire downstairs also had the same carpet as upstairs. The smell problem was far worse down here. We have since learned that this was where the dog spent most of it's time. So in every room we also removed the carpet.

Lets start the girls room. It had the best wallpaper of any of the rooms, but I just couldn't get behind it. Also, if you look at the wall on the left, it had wood paneling. It wasn't bad--it was whitewashed and looked ok. But it had cords coming out all over it. So we ripped off the paneling and put drywall over top of it.


We loved the built in in this room (and all the others). It had cushions, but I felt like I would be picking them up constantly so we decided to leave it wood for now, and put pillows on the end to snuggle against. We also painted it the same color as the walls.

This was the best choice for the girls since it had two closets. We weren't sure how we felt about all the oak and gold trim, but after hearing many opinions, we left it and I think it was the right choice. 

So this room got a new wall, new paint (Benjamin Moore Angelica), new lights, and new carpet. 

The beds were beds the beds I slept in growing up. There were in storage at my parents house, and I thought they were a perfect match for our house. So we borrowed them for a bit. The beds have already had a couple configurations. They started as bunk beds so the kids could have plenty of room to play and roll around on the ground. I was surprised when Mae told me that she wanted to try having them as just beds. I think they work well either way. 

All the bedding and pillows came from ikea.

We installed these closet organizers in every room, and they've been fantastic. These downstairs rooms will need new energy efficient windows and new shutters or blinds sometime soon.

Cal's room had lots of personality too. We loved the built in desk and I didn't even mind the orange. I loved the cedar wall. I didn't care for the dancing bear wall paper. The wall paper came off and the carpet came out. Cal's room was the trickiest with lighting so it only got 4 lights, but it's plenty bright.


We painted the walls (Benjamin Moore Surf's Up), and the cabinets (Benjamin Moore Sea Salt) and gave them new hardware. 

Cal's bedding is Skip Hop Mod Dot.

The guest room also had wallpaper. In some cases we pulled the wallpaper off (upstairs, in Cal's room, and in my office). It was a messy and frustrating job. They must have had the best wallpaperer put it on, because it was not coming off. In this room and the girls room it was put on so well. The seams were barely noticeable and there was no puckering or peeling. So we decided to just paint over it. I was a little nervous about it, but it turned our beautifully.

 This room also had wood paneling on one wall. Instead of ripping this wall out, we just drywalled right over top. 

This room got six can lights, new carpet, new paint (walls--Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray, built in--Benjamin Moore Sea Salt). 

The bed was our old bed. We love the sleigh bed, but felt more comfortable in a king. I was glad to give that bed a new home. It is the most comfortable mattress in the world, so I hope our guests like it. Jayson and I still find excuses to sleep down there sometimes. 

The downstairs bathroom had already been redone, so we didn't do anything in there, except match the paint color to upstairs (Benjamin Moore Plaster of Paris). I love having a separate bath tub and shower. It's something that you don't see much anymore, but it's fabulous to be able to bath the younger two and let Mae have a shower.

Plus it has a rain shower.

This is the upstairs half bath. Some day this will get a makeover (I think we could use a second shower and it's large enough). It is handy to have a huge counter to change diapers on upstairs though. We painted this to match the rest of the house (Benjamin Moore Plaster of Paris) and replaced the tile on the floor.

Lastly, our bedroom. Our room had no lights. None. We put in TWELVE can lights, and two sconces. The wallpaper was on three walls, and the ceiling. That was really really hard to get off. It also had to get a skim coat of mud. We took the wood flooring all the way into this room.

This room also had one wall with wood paneling. But we liked the shape of it, and it was in great shape, so we decided to just paint over it.


We also had sweet outlets put in by our beds. They have two usb slots and one traditional plug. I can charge all my devices at once. It's beautiful. The sconces turn on and off on the lamp itself. They pull and swing out so I can get light directly where I want.

We have our own balcony. It needs some love, but I think it will be fun to have.

The paint in this room is Benjamin Moore Vintage Charm. I wish I could do it justice--it's moody and deep and dark and light and purple but not too purply (more gray). It looks amazing with the oak trim. We took it onto the ceiling too, which adds to it's drama. I love it much more then I thought I would.

Our bathroom was the only room in the house where we did nothing. We feel like it could really be gutted, but we weren't up for it and decided that it was great for now. The red subway tile has really grown on us and we have been told that it is a really nice tile. It is in fantastic shape. 

Funny story about it though. One of our dear friends is a potter. When he saw the color of the tile, he told us it could potentially be radioactive. Back when, people used cadmium to get ceramics that deep red color. They used it on fiestaware for decades. However, they soon learned that it made the items radioactive. 

He said he had a geiger counter and he'd bring it over to test the tile for us. It was all more fun than serious, but we might have been a touch relieved to find out that our tile was not radioactive.

I think someday when I have time or get brave that I'll paint the bathroom the same color as the bedroom. I think if I did that, put new light fixtures in, and put a few finishing touches on the wall that this bathroom would be great forever.


Christa Jeanne said...

It's so funny to see IKEA pieces I have played differently by friends. :) Don't you just LOVE that turquoise kitchen cart?! I'm using it as my end table in the living room - ideally it was going to be cleared on the top to hold food (I usually eat dinner on the couch), but it's just full of books instead. Oh well!

And the white 4x2 bookcase in the girls' room is functioning in my living room as my entertainment center. It is SUCH a winner!!! I had it horizontal in the first bedroom after I bought it, then vertical in the next room, and now horizontal again. Love its versatility!

Your makeover is so inspirational!!! I really wish I'd done before shots of my condo - I ended up doing a lot more on it than I realized I would. Oh well - duly noted for next time.

Sharalea said...


Wall paper is a beast, you have conquered it well.

Your colors are fabulous and again I love the new lighting you have added...need your electrician to come HERE! :)

Your room looks like such a serene & calm escape & the downstairs rooms are so perfect for the kids & guests! Love the bathroom updates.

Beautiful home, Edwards family!

janae said...

Okay, now I am seriously coming over. And I want a full house tour. Please?!

Jani said...

Next time I'm in Provo . . . still in love! Your kids' rooms look so cozy and inviting, love the bathrooms and your room, too! That paneling in your master is wonderful painted. So pretty!